24 weeks pregnant

Hello and welcome back to my pregnancy update for 24 weeks! Last week I had a bit of a blogging break so apologies for skipping out my 23 week update, I'll try and roll the two weeks into one here- they were quite similar in reality so hopefully the flow won't be too disturbed.

How far along: 24 weeks!

Weight gain so far: About 17 lbs in total- all good stuff! It seems a bit of a jump but it does also seem to be concentrated almost entirely in my tummy area. My bump has grown quite a bit in the last month so I suppose that's what the scales are reflecting. It's all for a great cause though so I'm quite happy with how it's all going on that front.

Maternity clothes: I've been enjoying wearing lots of long, loose fitting tops with leggings and low-rise jeans. Luckily I still seem to be managing in regular clothes by just altering the styles I go for. This outfit is a combination of white Next jeans which are really comfy and stretchy. I also have the same pair in a khaki colour and have been living in these! My shirt is from Tesco and it's a really lovely light one that has lots of growing room in it!

 Best moment this week: The kids seem to be taking a growing interest in my bump and often come up to me to feel my tummy and talk to the baby. Noah likes popping into my room to chat to the baby  and feel for kicks which is really cute and just melts my heart. It's lovely to think that their relationship with their baby brother is already developing as we eagerly await his arrival!

Movement: I'm getting lots of regular movements now with baby jumping around and kicking lots. Sometimes it's not very comfortable especially if i'm lying down and the baby takes the opportunity to really stretch out but it is comforting to know he seems to be a happy, busy little boy!

Symptoms: With the growth of my bump, I am really starting to notice the effects on the rest of my body as other organs get moved about. It takes such a long time to digest food for example and I am experiencing heightened heartburn after meals. (Rennies are great and I carry these with me everywhere now!) I also feel quite breathless at times and I'm finding bending down really uncomfortable as it squashes my tummy and I can feel the baby squirming so I try to avoid leading over as much as possible. I think the other main symptom is the restless leg sensation that I get in the evenings. I only ever experience this when i'm pregnant and it is the weirdest thing! My feet feel like they can't stop moving and go very tingly and warm. I do find massage and warm baths can really help to combat it and allow me to relax though. Does anyone else suffer from this? I'd love to know your tips for dealing with restless legs!

Looking forward to: This month is our 4th wedding anniversary and we are actually going to be away at a friends wedding over the weekend of it. I'm really excited as we are leaving the children with their grandparents and are going to have a bit of time to ourselves with some of our dearest friends and family.

I think that is probably everything for this update. Whilst I am increasingly feeling the physical effects of the pregnancy start to take their toll, I am also so immensely grateful that so far everything is going really well and baby seems happy in there. We're really blessed to have been able to experience three pregnancies that so far have been very trauma free. I normally wait till 30 weeks before I start cracking on with the preparations for welcoming a newborn....and I can't quite get over the fact that that is only six weeks from now!

I'll be back next week with my 25 week update, hope you have a lovely rest of your week!



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