25 weeks pregnant


Hello everyone and welcome back to this week's pregnancy update! We've officially hit 25 weeks which leaves me with 5 more before things start getting very serious...in my head at least! I'm getting towards my next midwife appointment at 28 weeks where we will begin thinking about birth plans etc... but for this week I am just enjoying my bump and the noticeably stronger kicks and movements little guy is performing for us!

We've had quite an active week as we rejoined our old gym and have been popping down there daily to work out and swim. It's been so nice to feel that bit more active and to keep the cogs turning with so much variation of equipment and ways to exercise available. Obviously, it goes without saying that I highly adapt anything I do to make it pregnancy friendly but already one week in I am feeling so revived and well!
 I do think it's really ironic how I am definitely way fitter now than I've ever been, despite looking so physically different now in comparison to before my pregnancies.

Total weight gain: Up about 1 lb from last week so my overall weight gain is about 18-19lbs

Best moment this week: We took the kids to their first swimming lesson this week and just seeing how quickly Noah progressed within half an hour quite simply amazed me. I think stepping back as a parent and just letting his instructor get to it was really interesting as we saw this confidence emerge in Noah and all of a sudden he was moving about independently in deep water. We're so excited to see both of the boys progress in the next term! That was definitely my 'proud mama' moment of the week!

Movement: I'm getting lots of regular movement now, day and night! I was laying in bed last night and it felt like the baby was having a football match in there! The kicks are significantly stronger this week and you can properly see my tummy moving around on the outside with each roll and kick. He seems to be quite the little ninja!

Symptoms: My symptoms haven't changed too much in terms of heartburn, evening fatigue...all the usuals suspects. I've felt a bit more achy than usual this week but that might be more to do with working out and using muscles slightly more than normal. Other than that I have to say I'm feeling pretty well in myself. :)

Stretch marks: I'm thankful that I don't have any new ones thus far. With Jonah I managed to get by with a couple of tiny ones which have faded now, so fingers crossed I'll get off lightly this time too. That said, they are hardly the worst thing in the world though. I think they are some of the most beautiful battle scars you can obtain in life and definitely something to be proud of! I am still using bio oil and baby oil daily to just massage my tummy and help that tingly, stretchy feeling as the weeks pass but i'm not really doing anything other than that to 'prevent' or minimise marks. I just think if I get them, I get them and that's okay!

Sleep: More please! My sleep isn't great at the moment, I'm not going to sugarcoat it. But I also think once you start having babies, you realise it's overrated anyway! Lol!

Looking forward to: These past few days I've really just been looking forward to meeting this baby. Knowing that he is going to be a little brother to his older ones and musing on all the fun that is to come with raising three boys so close in age. It's going to be madness at times I am sure, but I feel so fortunate and excited to be able to do this all over again.

Belly button in or out? Out now!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

I think that is probably everything for this week's update. Don't forget to check back next week for my 26 week update!



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