27 Weeks pregnant

Hello there! I wasn't sure if I would actually manage to get this post sorted out for this week as I've had quite a busy one and Eddy has been slaving at work to wrap everything up before we break for our holiday. My chances of getting any half decent bump shots have been almost non-existent! Thankfully though, I did manage to steal him away for five minutes to get some 'bump date' photos captured for this week...

Total weight gain: Honestly, I have not checked my weight this week! Be assured, it is most definitely on the rise as it always seems to sky rocket from this point onwards. I'm thinking about writing a post about self esteem and body image during pregnancy because it's something I've always really struggled with but I also feel like it's quite a taboo subject for some reason? I won't digress now but I think i'll talk a bit about those aspects in a another post and just give a bit more of a personal update on how I'm doing so far.

Sleep: This week I bought a new pregnancy/nursing pillow as I couldn't for the life of me find my old one. But these are just amazing and they make such a difference to my quality of sleep with the support it offers to my back, bump and legs...I just love it so much! Maybe i'll post separately on that too as I feel it kinda deserves some recognition! But yes, sleep is fairly good at the moment. Whilst I'm definitely more uncomfortable in general and the old aches and swelling sensations are making a steady comeback, it's little life hacks like these that make the world of difference!

Best moment this week: We went to a friends wedding at the weekend and it was just gorgeous! From the nuptial Mass to the country-chic barn reception, everything was so personal and just beautiful. We had our anniversary last week too, so to combine the two celebrations Eddy and I got away without the children this time and spent the weekend in Winchester by ourselves. It's such a rare treat these days but one that was so valued by both of us. Just having some time to reconnect and 'date' was really refreshing. Coming home to the children on Sunday, I felt mentally relaxed, as though I had had a real break and the opportunity to recharge those mummy batteries! It just meant the world to me that we were able to have some time out!

Miss anything? Not especially but I'm slowly finding my clothes are getting that bit tighter and jeans are becoming more of a problem...I know the leggings uniform is soon going to be upon me and I'm kinda dreading it because I get so fed up of wearing the same things day after day in the last weeks of pregnancy. But, on the upside, it's a great reminder that the baby is growing and we are getting closer to meeting him!

Movement: All.the.time!! Literally, he doesn't stop! It's always funny when I'm trying to go to bed on an evening and he will, without fail, begin prancing about in there. I guess he can tell when my body is stationary and he has more space to move about and practise his own ninja kicks without restriction!

Food cravings: I'm craving food in general quite a lot more. It's a double edged sword for me because whilst I'm trying to keep my diet balanced and more healthy than not...I just can't not eat for long periods of time without feeling dizzy and faint. But sugar just has such a hold on me at the moment and I seem to always fall back on it to get me through then next little while. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it because I know as soon as the baby is born, this food obsessed monster within me will completely disappear almost instantaneously. But for now, I'm living with a severe lack of will power to pass by the cookie jar and not take a second glance, and to generally live life not around meal times! Aaah, the joys of the third trimester!

Symptoms: Much the same as last week still. My bump is growing and that is having a noticeable effect on other organs like my lungs and stomach. My digestive system has slowed right down and I can feel growing pressure as my ribs are being pushed out a lot more this week. Amazing what our bodies can do, isn't it?
 My pregnancy app reminded me the other day that I am actually beginning the third trimester now which kinda kickstarted my thoughts about taking it a bit easier and slowing down my pace of life. I'm trying to spend my evenings with my feet up a bit more because that really helps to drain fluid away from my ankles and reduces puffiness too! 

Sometimes I think the third trimester of pregnancy just makes the perfect excuse to release the inner 'closet granny' within us!

Belly button in or out: Out!

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Looking forward to: Our holidays! We are having a week in Dorset with my family starting on Friday and I literally can't wait to see everyone and have some quality time together! Fingers crossed we make it there though as our car has been playing up this week and Eddy has just taken it off this morning to have a new battery fitted!

That's everything for my 27 week update :) As always, I hope this might be of help to any other expectant mamas reading...I always really enjoyed reading other people's updates in my pregnancies with the boys, so I hope this comes in use for somebody out there!

Have a fab rest of your week,




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