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I sometimes think I spend a lot of my time as a mummy trying to ‘run in heels’ so to speak. In reality, with a burgeoning bump and two little rascals who just want to play outside in the mud and grass all day, I don’t wear heels all that much these days! But I suppose as women, whether pregnant or not we like to try and make small efforts to feel good about ourselves, don’t we? For me that normally entails applying a bit of makeup on a morning and squeezing in time to run a comb through my hair- nothing too high maintenance but just enough to feel like I can step outside of the house and not be confused for a panda bear!

Oh, and then there is the crucial elevenses break which, in my current state ensures my chances of reaching lunch time without a serious case of hanger becomes a whole lot more doable! I am such a terrible one for feeling hungry all the time when I am pregnant. I'll happily eat a hearty bowl of porridge with fruits for breakfast, sometimes with even a round of toast on the side, ya know, enough to fill you for a good while you'd think? Apparently not though! A couple of hours later I find myself boiling the kettle and mentally wondering what snack might best accompany that particular brew! Please tell me i'm not the only one! Haha!

I shouldn't really feel surprised at myself though, my two other pregnancies were exactly the same and I remember just feeling ravenous from the second trimesters onwards!
I suppose it's all about just trying to choose more healthy options to snack on between meals and filling up on fruit and veggies in the main *puts chocolate down!* Haha, I do try!

I have been really enjoying styling this pregnancy so far. For some crazy reason, I've made it to 24 weeks without needing to wear maternity jeans once. My low-risers are still getting me by nicely so I've been teaming these types of jeans with long tops and tunics. Here's an example I have been loving recently. (Sorry about the slightly frumpy shot!) But anyway, the long shirt is from Tesco and my jeans are from Next. I paired them with some cute lace up mid-heels from Primark. I just really like how these colours work together and considering I don't think I've ever owned khaki trousers in my life, it feels a bit of a novelty opting for something alternative to blue or black jeans which have always been my staple. 


The boys have been full of fun this past week. Whilst on the night time front there is definitely a whole lot of room for improvement...listen up boys!! During the daytime, however, they have been cracking me up with their little personalities. Jonah has his little phrase "wow wow wow!" which he likes to repeat quite a lot and often in context as something amazes him...be it a biscuit in his hand or an insect outside! He's super cute and cuddly at the moment and I feel so aware of how much he is growing and changing at present.
 Communication skills seem to be the first thing I notice when my boys have a developmental growth spurt and Jonah is letting us know each and every day how far along he is coming with new words! 
Noah, my little independent free spirit seems to be really content at the moment. As long as there is a garden for him to run about in 'rescuing snails' and looking after the creepy crawlies, he is as happy as anything. He's a real boyish boy and I see this innate nature come out in so many unprovoked ways. We always get to the end of the day and I find myself reaching for the nail brush to clean his black fingernails and muddy hands! How do they do it? :p

With the start of July I always find myself naturally relax a bit more. Even if our family are not currently working within a school holiday time frame yet, I find that mentally I just unwind about this time and get that holiday vibe regardless! July and August are always filled with lovely things to look forward to. Trips to the seaside, eating outside, quality family time and fingers crossed, some good weather in there too!

Here's to enjoying every moment of summer, come rain or shine! 
Do you have some nice plans for yours? :p



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