A love that grows

Today I’ve felt really struck by the passing of time. I had a check up with my midwife earlier, more bloods taken and my 28 week anti-D injection- my goodness, I was glad to be on my way home to a soothing cup of tea after all of that! But it really got me thinking about how quickly this pregnancy is progressing and how soon our little family will be not so little as we prepare to welcome another beautiful boy! 

In truth we had quite a mix of reactions to our third pregnancy announcement, some that elated us and some, whilst innocently meant left (me in particular) feeling a little teary eyed. I really struggled with comments about me ‘popping another one out’ and the public questioning of age gaps between our children…I suppose it’s just one of those topics that a lot of people like to have an opinion on these days. Our view has always been to be open to new life and in doing so, we’ve found a deep contentment and harmony within our marriage and growing family. Family life has given me such a sense of purpose and belonging, of responsibility and sacrifice and it has grounded me in ways I never imagined.

I can’t believe the third trimester is here and soon enough we will be making practical preparations for this little guy’s arrival. He has already stolen our hearts and not a day goes by when Noah and Jonah don’t want to talk to him, poke my tummy and blow kisses at their unborn baby brother. The sense of expectation in Noah is so different this time around as he has this joyful excitement about ‘the baby coming’ and loves to talk to me about how he is going to ‘help mummy’ look after him. He really knows something amazing is happening!

Someone once told me that the love of a family only ever expands. Whilst with your first baby you can struggle to imagine loving another so fiercely as you do that first time around, love has this beautiful way of growing and conquering instead of dividing. I know I would do anything for Noah and Jonah, but I also know the same applies to this unborn baby we so eagerly await to meet and hold in our arms! 

Little one, we can’t wait to have you here. You were loved from the moment we knew of your existence and you will forever be cherished in our family. How lucky we are to be parents again and to welcome you, another precious gift into our lives! 




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