Cheerful Joules bedding

Hello everyone! I hope we’re all well? I’ve been wrestling with an  urge to make over our bedroom situation lately and so i’ve begun proceedings starting with our bedding. I thought it would be nice to share some thoughts with you!

Now normally my rule of thumb with bedding is crisp and white all the way! I don’t know why exactly, but I just love neutral, easy to style bedding that can easily be accessorised with the changing of seasons and other bedroom decor. Call me lazy but I find it just always ensures a failsafe scheme that can work around different room set ups- and you know us, we like to move house a lot! *nervous laughter!* 

 I haven’t been experiencing great sleep lately, partly as a result of the pregnancy and partly because my other two monkeys have been quite unsettled. But the combination of these two factors has been making me feel anxious in recent weeks as I know i’m not getting the hours in and I suppose as I slowly progress through this pregnancy, I’m all the more aware that in the short space of a few months, we will be back to very lively nights with a newborn.
But if there is anything that can put my mind at ease as I clamber my tired limbs into bed at night, it’s a relaxing and peaceful environment that looks inviting and pretty. The sight of big fluffy pillows and a billowy duvet is enough to make me yearn for an early night and, with rest and relaxation on my brain, I decided to perk myself up by purchasing some new summery bedding from Joules.

I had a real urge to infuse some colour into our normally white decorative bedroom scheme. I‘ve always been a huge fan of the Joules prints so I figured they would be a great place to start looking for some summery inspiration. At the top of the page I was hit with the Buckingham range and instantly felt drawn to the vibrancy of the colours, the fun polka dot contrasting duvet reverse and fitted sheets. Honestly, I didn’t hang about long and decided to get this set to see us through summer. When it arrived the quality of the sheets spoke for themselves; beautifully stitched with great attention to detail such as the pink joules icon tags on the pillowcases and the pretty buttons to fasten the duvet cover in place. It truly is a beautiful set and has left me pining to complete mine with their gorgeous matching throw and cushions! 

A few days into enjoying our beautiful bedding, I can’t say that my sleep has been undisturbed by babies but it sure makes going to bed feel a little bit more luxurious than usual!

Has anyone else checked out Joules’ new ranges of bedding? Would love to know your thoughts!


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