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One of my favourite things about this time of year is definitely the iconic Wimbledon Tennis tournament. Somehow it seems to herald the start of ‘official summertime’ and last week I found myself eagerly tuning in to catch up on the latest competition progress. Wimbledon is one of those truly wonderful British tournaments that raises the nation into a spirit of excitement and encourages us to really celebrate the cream of our athletic crop! 

Speaking of cream though, for us, Wimbledon always seems to coincide with endless rounds of cream teas, Pimms and strawberries- a most perfect combination to enjoy an afternoon of our own Tennis games with the kids. With the boys now both being mobile they’re suddenly at an age that makes playing as a family in the garden really fun and interactive for each of us. And so in the wake of all the exitement of the Wimbledon finals that took place over the weekend, we decided to host our own mini tournament and get the boys outside to practise their own racquet skills.

No sooner had I made a round of scones for our hungry boys, Jonah fell asleep for a nap and so sadly missed quite a bit of the action! But our fun carried on and it was great to be able to teach Noah how to hold a racquet and get practicing throwing and hitting the ball.

Over the duration of the Wimbledon tournament, I found myself frequently tuning in to the radio to catch up on all the action over at Centre court. Whilst it probably sounds as though I royally unleashed my 'inner granny', I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the sports coverage whilst pottering about. Whether in the car, or simply washing pots in the kitchen, simply listening to the tournament more than watching it on the television really made me consider the way in which the radio itself could be used to encourage sports within families.

 I honestly think the radio can be a great encourager of sports as you can literally take it anywhere and be active whilst still being able to engage in the hot topics surrounding the world of sports. I think it's so important to encourage our little ones to be active
 and enjoy sports through physically playing together and not necessarily watching from a television screen.

 The radio is such a timeless piece in the home and one that I am sure will always take pride of place in ours for years. I've always appreciated the way in which the radio doesn't hinder activity as you can listen away whilst getting on with your day, as I often do! 

So here's to more tennis, more garden games and more of the joys of the radio to accompany our summery days over the next couple of months. 

If you would like the chance to win one of these beautiful Hepburn MK II radios by VQ, there will be a competition over on VQ's twitter feed. Simply follow VQ and myself @BuntyLiving and retweet the tweet to enter! The competition will close on Fri 22nd July- Good luck! 

Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with VQ. Whilst I was kindly gifted this beautiful Hepburn MK II, all opinions expressed are representative of BuntyLiving.


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