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When summer comes around I always find myself softening my makeup routine, swapping out some of the more heavier products for lighter ones that I know can handle the warmer temperatures better. Honestly, there’s nothing worse than being out and about under the direct blaze of the sun with a full face of makeup that feels as though it’s melting! At this time of year I just want my skin to feel as though it can breathe and so I tend to strip back the contents of my makeup bag and just rely on the bare essentials. 

When I think about packing a makeup bag for holidays, I always want to ensure I have the basics covered but my number one rule is to keep it simple. Whether you’re going to be spending your time poolside, lazing on a sandy beach or exploring bustling towns, I think a minimal, natural approach to makeup works best for the summer and I have a few products from the new No7 collection that I feel would be the perfect holiday accompaniments to create that sun-kissed glow we all crave!

One of my favourite products in this collection is the Shimmer palette bronze which is just the most beautiful, shimmery, warm bronzer for this time of year. This palette is so workable for various makeup styles and can be used on the face and body to enhance a natural, sun kissed glow. I have found that just a quick swirl of a fluffy brush picks up quite a bit of product and so you can really build those gorgeous bronze tones on your skin. As I am quite fair naturally, I only need the smallest amount but it’s still perfect for creating that ‘just back from holiday’ glow. I’ve really enjoyed using this palette and I think it would be such a perfect addition to a holiday makeup bag- just a sweep of this across the cheekbones and d├ęcolletage and you’re good to go!

I have to say, I was quite excited to try the new Skin illuminator bronzer mostly because as a liquid formula, it's not one I would normally go for, but I was definitely intrigued to see how it would work! This one contains multi-faceted light reflectors that enhance the natural complexion and there are various ways of using the product to work with your own makeup routine. No7 suggest that you can use this as a primer before you apply your foundation, to create a flawless coverage. You can also mix the formula with your foundation to create a dazzling glow or you could even apply a small amount to your cheek bones and brows as though it were a highlighter, to create a radiant, luminous finish. I really quite like the versatility of this product and the way it works with your other makeup products to just enhance your skins natural glow. The formula itself is quite dark so I found myself only using the smallest amount in one application, but I found this was enough to create a beautiful summery makeup look that screams, ‘I’ve just got back from holiday!'

 The Perfectly defined contour kit is another lovely addition to the new range and one that I found myself coming back to day after day. I’ve never been massively into contouring but I found this colour really easy to apply by gently following the natural angles of my cheekbones. The palette comes with a contour shade and a highlight to compliment and as a handy  on the go compact, this one would make a great holiday essential as it’s so simple to quickly blend when you're in a hurry. It also doesn’t rely on you having a full face of makeup underneath either, so you could scrap foundation for the day and just use a touch of this to create a soft, summer glow. 

These Lovely Lip balms are honestly probably up there as my favourite products from this entire range. I love lip products and I especially love it when they are designed to nourish, protect and condition your lips too. Enriched with mineral oil, beeswax and vitamin E, these balms really feel like they are working to condition my lips, as well as giving a sheer pop of colour. Again, in summer I tend to prefer wearing tinted lip balms because they are lighter than lipsticks and usually quite moisturising on the skin. These are just gorgeous and I know I’ll be continuing to use them throughout summer!

Finally, the last product that any summer holiday makeup bag needs is a quality nail varnish which is going to last more than one evening! These gel shine polishes are really good for providing reliable colour that lasts and I’ve really enjoyed trying mine out to see how well they wear. They’re just beautiful and whilst dark in colour, I found my two samples actually look really pretty against summery clothing. I love their staying power and would definitely be bringing these along on holiday with me!

No7 have some really beautiful additions to their new collections and I've been so impressed with the quality of each of these products. If you’re looking to update any of your makeup essentials this season, I would definitely point you in the direction of your local counter where you're sure to find something perfect for your summer makeup bag!

Thank you to No7 for working with me on this post and for kindly gifting me these products.



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