28 weeks pregnant

Welcome back to another pregnancy update! 28 weeks along and I am feeling pretty good all things considering. We're currently on holiday with my family and have all been enjoying a slower pace this week and just taking things easier in general. In terms of bump, my tummy feels bigger again this week and I've had some whopper kicks that have literally stopped me in my tracks...another sign that the end weeks of pregnancy are drawing closer and this baby is starting to get a lot bigger!

Sleep: In our holiday house, the bedroom we are in has the most enormous bed I have ever seen! It's the kind you can actually 'starfish' in and still not be touching the other person- Needless to say, I have been sleeping like a queen for the past few nights. We've actually had quite a few late nights after the children have gone to bed so i've been feeling a bit groggy first thing in the morning when the kids come in to poke us awake.... Whilst I realise this kind of fatigue is totally self-inflicted, pregnancy wise, I have to say I have been sleeping  pretty well so I really can't complain!

Best moment this week: Getting away on holiday has just been such a highlight in general! But in particular, seeing how much fun the children are having with their cousins has been lovely to watch. Suddenly, they all appear to be really grown up and independent and are happy to go off and play together without us needing to watch their every move! When did that happen?!

Movement: I've been experiencing lots of movement, kicks, rolls and turns both day and night. A few times the baby has really stopped me in my tracks and I've felt sudden jolts behind my ribs which have startled me. I'm noticing how long the baby is getting by the size of his kicks and where they are placed...and all a sudden he seems very chunky indeed!

Symptoms: I've had more of the restless leg sensation this past week. In fact I think i've been experiencing it most evenings! I don't think it's going to be going anywhere until after birth now so it's something i'm clearly going to have to get used to again for a little while! Bring on the foot masseuse!
Other symptoms have been similar to last week such as heartburn and acid reflux. Strangely, tea is giving me quite severe heartburn too which caught me by surprise this week- I always thought it was such an 'easy on the stomach' kinda beverage!? 
Aside from the more physical symptoms, I've also been quite hormonal lately too. I have found myself easily upset and just feel a bit on edge in general. It's strange because in moments when I feel myself overreacting, I am so acutely aware of it and I know that it just isn't like me react that way. It's like watching a video of yourself and face palming every time you see yourself do something out of character! I know emotionally you have to take 'feelings' with a pinch of salt in pregnancy and just trust that on the days when you do feel below par that you're not going crazy and that this too shall pass.

Belly button in or out? Out!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Looking forward to: A peaceful few more days here in Dorset!

I think that is about everything for this week's update! I hope you're all having a beautiful week and i'll catch you again soon!



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