30 weeks pregnant

Hello everyone! I'm back with my pregnancy updates after taking a week off - sorry about that, time just ran away with me and I didn't get a chance to post last week! There have been lots of comings and goings recently and I think that coupled with the fact that Eddy has snuck off on tour with our 'good camera' has given me an excuse for a bit of a blogging break- so I've only really been posting pre-written content.

Anyway, these past two weeks of pregnancy have been a bit of a wake up call to pregnancy itself. Up to about 28 weeks I feel as though I've got by pretty easily and also because I've been so distracted with the boys, I haven't really stopped to notice twinges or discomfort in the same way I might have done with my other pregnancies. But that blissful ignorance came to a groundbreaking halt this week as I have been finding lifting the boys really challenging with the return of pelvic girdle pain. I experienced PGP when I was pregnant with Noah and unfortunately the only cure is to give birth and allow your joints and muscles to recover! It's quite painful at times and makes moving around hard and I totally forgot to keep a look out for it as I didn't suffer at all with Jonah's pregnancy! This week has been tough in that regard but I am hoping with some rest and just being really aware of not weight bearing excessively, I'll manage without needing intervention!

Weight gain: Honestly, because we've been moving around so much these past few weeks, I haven't weighed myself at all! I don't know how much weight I've gained this month at all but actually, not thinking about it has been quite nice in all honesty. I've not been worrying about it because I know that really we're on the 'home straight' now and once baby has arrived I'll have time to get back in shape once again.

Sleep: PGP has been making sleep really tough this week. I can't get to sleep unless propped up on my back with cushions and then I always wake up in a lot of pain around my pelvis. You're supposed to sleep on your left side when you're pregnant because it offers better blood flow to the baby, but I find this position too uncomfortable to drift off in most nights. It's definitely a case of trial and error at this point as I just crave sleep like nobody's business! 

Best moment this week: The boys have been recording little video messages to send to Daddy while he is away and there have been some really sweet moments of them telling daddy how much they love him. It melts my heart to hear them chatting about daddy during the daytime and Noah asking lots of questions about him. They've been my little superheroes these past couple of weeks and have really helped me to just focus on loving them and not worrying too much about Eddy being on the road. 

Movement: Still getting all sorts of interestingly angled kicks, rolls and jumps from bambino! He's a lively little one and I can really feel him growing and getting stronger each week. I've noticed he can definitely hear things now as he reacts to sounds and especially music. If I sing while playing the piano he seems to join in with some kind of interpretive dance going on inside my tummy! It's really lovely and it just amazes me how much he is already a part of our family life even while on the inside!

Symptoms: Mainly the symptoms have been as I mentioned above, Pelvic girdle pain being the most significant one this week. I've also had more heartburn and I'm starting to notice my ankles are swelling in the evenings too. Glamorous, isn't it? :p 

Belly button in or out? Out!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Looking forward to: Eddy coming home this week! Yay!

I think that is everything for this week's update! I hope it's hasn't sounded too negative as I do try to keep these updates as honest and frank as poss. Pregnancy is not easy for anyone but obviously, it goes without saying that it is always SO worth every single niggle and moment of discomfort when you finally get to hold that little one in your arms!
 I'm beginning to get quite excited about it all now and am mentally beginning to think more about the birth and what I plan to do differently this time around...let me know if you'd like to read more about that side of things and I'll write a post! :)



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