31 weeks pregnant

Welcome back to this week's pregnancy update!
 Last week was really nice for us as we were reunited with Eddy after him being away and since then we've come up to Norfolk for a few days as my parents have taken a house in the most gorgeous sleepy village called Great Snoring!
 We've been enjoying some of the hottest weather this year and living off ice lollies during the day! Despite my 31 week pregnant self swelling up under the intense heat, I really can't complain because it's just beautiful to have a real summer here in the UK!

Sleep: Sleep has generally been a bit better this week due to the piles of pillows supporting nearly every angle of me! I have to say, going to bed these days looks far from glamorous once I'm 'set up' and wedged in! However, I seem to have a good thing working and I'm feeling as though I'm getting the hours in so I can't complain!

Maternity clothes: I bought a few new pieces of maternity clothes this week as things were getting desperate! It's mostly with jeans that i'm having a problem but to get to 31 weeks in regular jeans I think is quite a feat so I'm not too worried about going full on 'maternity' during the last 10 weeks or so.

Stretch marks: No new ones to report! I normally find they appear post birth if they're going to so we'll see! They really aren't something I worry too much about though, I definitely see them as battle scars and something to be proud of rather than to feel embarrassed about.

Best moment this week: Definitely Eddy coming home and seeing the boy's reaction to him walking through the door- priceless!

Miss anything: I miss being able to touch my toes! My poor feet have been sorely neglected these past few weeks as I just can't reach down to them anymore! I tried to give myself a pedicure over the weekend and ended up with such awful heartburn! Ah, the joys!

Movement: Still getting lots of regular movements in all kinds of directions. I always find the baby particularly gets going straight after I eat anything which is so reminiscent of my pregnancies with Noah and Jonah. Is it a boy thing?!

Cravings: I forgot to mention this last week but for the past few weeks I have been really craving mint! Be it in tea, sweets, toothpaste or even in savoury dishes- I literally can't get enough of minty flavours! I didn't crave anything so specific in my other pregnancies so it was a bit bizarre to suddenly not be able to stop thinking about mints!

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? Heartburn has been making me feel quite nauseous recently. It's become quite severe this week and so I have to be a bit careful about what I eat and at what time of day!

Gender: boy!

Labour signs: I've definitely been getting some Braxton hicks cramping and the general aches and pains that come with hauling a big pregnant belly around all day!

Symptoms: Much the same as last week. I'm still trying to plough forward with pelvic girdle pain and just being aware of not overdoing it with lifting the boys. I also still have really restless legs and feet in the evenings which is as peculiar as ever but I do find bathing really helps to relieve them, as does cold water!

Belly button in our out: Out!

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Looking forward to: Meeting this bambino!

I think that is everything for this week's update! I'll see you next week for my 32 week update! :)



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