3rd trimester style


At almost thirty weeks pregnant and third time around, you'd expect me to have a pretty good idea of what works best in terms of styling my changing shape and how best to adapt my normal wardrobe to accommodate the growth of my tummy.
In all honesty, these past couple of weeks have been a bit of a turning point in the pregnancy itself. All of a sudden I look and feel heavily pregnant and it all seems to have come on very suddenly. Clothing wise, I am having to get a bit more creative in trying to dress all these new curves when choosing outfits, but I have to say, I have found it more and more challenging as the weeks have passed.


One thing I can tell you is that I am falling back on skirts a lot more for their comfort and lack of restriction! I have this non maternity one from Oasis that I have been really enjoying pairing with tucked in tees or vest tops. It's light, airy and grey, making its super comfy and it just goes with everything! I find this so easy to work as a casual look or a more sophisticated one with the addition of a few accessories.

 I'm wearing it here with a simple slogan tee from Marks and Spencer's. I love M&S tops as they tend to be pretty well made and the cottons are always beautifully soft. While I'm generally feeling a bit uncomfortable at the moment and my skin is more sensitive, soft and billowy cottons are a real luxury and definitely a winning combination- and this one is certainly no exception!

I'm getting perilously close to giving into a daily uniform of leggings, slouchy long tops and hoodies and secretly, I kinda can't wait till I can totally justify that! :p But whilst we still have some weeks ahead of us I will continue to think a little more creatively with my wardrobe- let me know if you'd like to see some more of my 'bump style hacks' over here!



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