A little Dorset break...

Before August rushes past completely and we find ourselves greeting the onset of Autumn as September approaches, I wanted to share some of the adventures we've had this month with you.

For us, the summer months generally tend to be extremely busy from a work point of view but as our children are still pre-schoolers, we  tend to take our personal family holiday in September.
 However, we were lucky enough to be able to join my parents and family in Dorset at the start of the month for a few days and it was definitely the highlight of the month for me. They rented a house that we've stayed in twice before, situated in the most beautiful hidden spot and with plenty of shabby chic country style to offer, it was a real haven to relax in.

The children spent most of their time just running around the enormous grounds and gardens and it allowed us as a family to spread out and just enjoy a slower pace of life for a while. I spent a lot of my time pottering about with tea in hand and a camera around my neck, just capturing little moments here and there and enjoying a sense of time standing still. 

I always had the same sense of timelessness as a child whenever the holidays came around, I think it was somehow propelled by that fact that we were out of our normal routines. I remember often waking on a morning and not being quite certain what day it was or what the date was! Even now I think there's something so refreshing about letting go of the diaries, phones and computer screens and just really seeking to live in the moment!

I must have taken hundreds of photos of our stay in Dorst and I thought it would be nice to share some with you. Whilst we spent the majority of our time exploring the local grounds of the house, the county itself is steeped in beauty from the dramatic coastlines to the quaint towns and villages dotted about. If you're ever looking for a countryside break, Dorset is truly a beautiful contender!




I hope you're all having a wonderful summer so far! 


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