34 weeks pregnant

I turned 34 weeks pregnant on Monday and now I’m really seeing how the weeks are creeping by- the end of this pregnancy feels closer than ever! 
I’m really conscious of how big and active the baby is and how little room is left in my tummy these days! I also find myself swinging between feelings of pure excitement and joy and then fear as the due date approaches! Trying to imagine how this baby will arrive and what he’s going to look like/ how the boys are going to react to him- all those questions are constantly buzzing around my head and it makes me really excited to ponder the next few weeks and months ahead!

Maternity clothes: I’ve been wearing pretty much anything I can squeeze my tummy into and this week that has been leggings and baggy jumpers! 

Stretch marks: No new ones to date, but my tummy is getting itchier and the skin feels uncomfortable and more so in the evenings! To tackle that I am just continuing on with using baby oil which I apply in the mornings and evenings.

Sleep: We’ve been a bit all over the place recently with a trip to Butlins last week then Cornwall this week so the kids have had to adapt to two new places- I wasn’t expecting our sleep to be amazing as a result but actually they’ve both been really good at night! In terms of myself, I am really struggling a bit to find comfortable positions to dose off in. Because everything is so squashed inside me now, I feel quite breathless at night and so propping myself up with pillows has been a real help to reduce pressure on my lungs and stomach.

Movement: Still getting lots of regular movements which is great. The wriggles and kicks are more pronounced so you can really see them through my tummy. When I sit down and the baby is awake you can see all sorts of jerky movements through my top with little elbows and feet almost protruding through as he rearranges himself in there. It’s both weird to watch and utterly amazing at the same time!

Cravings: I am still craving mints like there’s no tomorrow! What is with that? I’m actually at the point of having to resist the urge to buy them whenever I'm out of the house! It’s definitely a bit of a strange one just because how intense this craving has been, I’ve honestly not experienced anything like this before!

Labour signs: Just a few tightenings here and there and lots of pressure in my lower tummy. I also have cramping now and again which is kinda reminiscent of early labour but I’m sure I am still nowhere near the real thing! 

Symptoms: This week my blood pressure has been up and I’ve had a few dizzy spells and headaches too, but having popped to our local GP for a check over, I've been assured that it's nothing to worry about. I think the combination of symptoms made me a little concerned as they can be signs of pre-eclampsia but thankfully, my doctor was happy that all is well. Other than those, the same symptoms of restless feet, fatigue and heartburn are continuing on as is the new normal!

Looking forward to: Getting organised for the baby! I am actually only a few days away from being 35 weeks pregnant now so I need to get packing my hospital bag soon- and that definitely requires a bit of a shopping spree first! I also can't wait to pick out a 'going home' outfit for the baby, it’s always one of my favourite aspects of the preparations and I'm really looking forward to my boys helping me choose!

I think that’s all for this week’s update!
I'll see you next week for my 35 week one!



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