35/36 weeks pregnant!

So this is it guys...nine months pregnant, almost ready to pop and even more ready to meet this little one! I missed last week's update as, if you've been following my twitter or Instagram, you'll probably know my mum was really poorly and we've been at home in Devon looking after things there whilst she's been in hospital.
Good news on that front though, thankfully she is doing much better and I think the relief of knowing she is home and able to recover here has put me at ease. It's been a really tense couple of weeks and I have been having some more intense symptoms as a result. Whilst we've been in Devon, I have seen a midwife who basically told me to pack my hospital bags early and provisionally booked me in to have the baby here, as she felt the whole situation might be enough to send me into early labour! Eek!
So far though, baby seems happy enough where he is and we are both well which is just so relieving to know!

Maternity clothes: Well, to be completely honest, it's less about conventional outfits at this point and more about anything I can manage to wear and still walk in! The jeans have been well and truly banished from my wardrobe (save a couple of maternity pairs) and I find myself picking up leggings and long tops nearly every day. Honestly, it's all about comfort from this point to the labour ward and I don't mind that one bit!

Sleep: After having a pretty awful time with pelvic pain last week, I've had a few much better nights these past few days. I really do struggle with the whole sleeping on your left side as it just squashes my lungs so much. A couple of times I have woken up gasping for breath which is just not very nice at this point in pregnancy! Instead of the textbook recommendations, I have been lying on my back but propped up really high with cushions so i'm very well elevated and I just find this is far more comfortable. I also prop my feet up with cushions to help the blood flow and reduce swelling in my ankles. It's funny to think that in a few weeks time I'll be back to sleeping flat on my back with just a narrow pillow- it's always been my favourite position to drift off in!

Movement: Lots of regular movements but I can really tell that the baby doesn't have much space in there at all. I feel every wriggle and kick and they seem to be a lot more under and against my ribs! The midwife felt the baby a few days ago and confirmed he is head down and pretty much fully engaged which is great- just not very comfortable! But it also explains a lot of the types of movements I'm feeling by the way his feet are kicking into my ribs and his arms are swaying about at the bottom of my bump.

Cravings: Honestly, it's still mints! I don't know what is wrong with me but I cannot get enough of them! I'm actually trying to consciously cut back because I don't want to indulge the cravings every time I get them but my goodness, this one has me hooked! I've literally never had such a strong urge to eat something as specific as Trebor spearmint softmints- there, I said it! :p

Labour signs: A lot of pelvic pressure and pain which definitely indicates things are moving in the right direction. It's kinda scary too though because it just reinforces the whole 'there's only one way out' reality and I am not going to lie, I am definitely nervous about birth this time around! I've also been getting cramps here and there which are probably more of the Braxton Hicks. Also, a definite nesting instinct kicked in as I have been really focused on keeping the house in order and preparing all the baby things- who knows, maybe he will come early afterall!?

Symptoms: I have been experiencing a lot of the usual symptoms for this far on. I do feel quite hormonal and a bit more sensitive than usual- I think the worry of my mum's heart attack also played a part in just how up and down I've felt in these past couple of weeks. It's been a tense, teary time and the tissues have never been far from my pockets. That said, we are also so filled with expectation and excitement and I find myself wondering each day how much longer I will be pregnant for?!
Physically, my bump is bigger- in fact everything feels bigger now! My back is also complaining a bit more in the evenings and my restless legs just will not relax- apparently! *four more weeks, four more weeks!* :p

Looking forward to: Having the bags all ready for hospital and getting the baby's things totally set up and sorted. I know I'll feel a lot more at peace and mentally ready once I have finished the practical preparations!

That is just about everything for my 36 week update, I cannot fathom how next week I will be officially full term and before we know it, these pregnancy updates will once more come to an end! I'm really going to miss my weekly check-ins but I love that I have them to look back over and remind myself of all the little details and beautiful memories that this pregnancy has brought us!

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead,


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