Peaceful Sundays

I love Sundays and I especially love it when they are quiet and slow, giving us the chance to reflect over our week, prepare for the one ahead and just enjoy each other. Like most days, mine begins early with coffee brewing and a toddler on my hip and it centres around getting the family ready for church and out the door within a reasonable time frame- (our days of being super early for anything are definitely behind us for the foreseeable!)

I normally put a hold on any chores or housework on Sundays and just make the most of our time together; especially as these days I'm so aware of how the weeks are passing! I think the pregnancy has done a lot to make me quite aware of time and how quickly weeks can go by. Already we are down to our seven week countdown to meeting this baby and with that there's a real sense of expectation building in our family. I really want to just savour every moment of this season we find ourselves in.

Today the boys are actually spending the afternoon watching movies as I take the lead on packing for our week in Butlins which begins tomorrow. We're all still worn out from August and I totally didn't appreciate the physical toll that a non-stop month of work and travel would have on my husband. But as I take five between laundry loads to type this up, I can't help but feel blessed and excited that we're all together again and that we have the opportunity to take a little break from everything over the next few days. 

I hope your Sunday has been every bit as peaceful friends! 



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