Working summer & new beginnings

Well, hello September! You certainly crept up on us! 

 September for us is definitely one of our favourite months because it normally gives us the opportunity to sneak off for a little while and vacate from a work routine. We've spent most of summer on the road and my husband has literally not stopped between touring and managing projects. For us, this month heralds a new beginning, a fresh start and a quieter pace of life.

We're actually starting ours with a really exciting blog collaboration with Butlins. As a family, we've been invited to trial a 'Just for tots holiday' break and so next week we will be heading to Minehead for a week of swimming, toddler activities and most specially, some restful time together. I'm really looking forward to sharing our thoughts and adventures with you on the blog- has anyone else been to Butlins with your littles?

After that we are heading down to Cornwall as is family tradition each year. Hopefully some good surfing weather will revive us, ready to crack on with the next chapter of the year- not least with the baby preparations!

Sometimes I find myself wishing I had a kitchen table and all the time in the world to sit at it and write blog posts but this year has offered us quite a different experience! I feel as though we haven't sat still in months and I'm really looking forward to September as an opportunity to process the year and move back into regular rhythms with some semblance of normality! We do love life on the road but it is SO so good to just stop and take rest every so often!

On a side note I'm definitely not ready to start throwing about the word 'autumn' just yet- still feeling very much in summer mode over here! Haha! But I am really happy to welcome September with open arms and hopefully get back into the swing of things over here too!

I hope you've all had a wonderful summer!


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