37 weeks pregnant- full term!

I turned 37 weeks pregnant on Monday and after a few days of wondering if the baby might put in an early appearance, it seems we are both still here! I've had quite a few symptoms this week that have definitely caught me off guard and made me wonder if labour was imminent...I guess it is at this point but I could still go over to 41 weeks so I'm just trying to keep busy and distracted as much as poss to keep myself from going crazy!

Sleep: I've been having some seriously colourful dreams this week that have actually woken me up! I experienced really odd dreams earlier on in pregnancy and then they seemed to calm down a bit but apparently they've returned and they're as crazy as ever. I'm also getting cramps in my feet and legs most nights now so they wake me up too but to be honest, by morning time I'm feeling okay and fairly well rested so I can't really complain!

Movement: Lots of wriggles and kicks and this week a lot more activity right behind my ribs- ouch! I'm also feeling movement really low down which is just not comfortable at all but definitely a signal that the head is low and probably well engaged at this point.

Cravings: My appetite has changed this week and I'm just not as hungry as I've been the rest of the pregnancy. I think there is just so little room in my tummy now that my stomach is pretty much giving up! Lol. But don't mention the mints- I am still craving them like a mad woman- literally started trying out new toothpastes just for the kick of it! :s

Labour signs: Oh boy- there have been a few! The main one is the Braxton hicks which have become a daily occurrence now. The other day I had them every 10 minutes, all day long! I started to actually panic that this could be it but after I went to bed they settled down again. I've never had Braxton Hicks like this before and whilst I know they aren't strong enough to be the real deal, they are kinda tiring when they're this constant. I'm kinda hoping I do go into labour soonish because the thought of this carrying on for another few weeks is scaring me slightly! That's probably the main symptom of labour but also I feel the baby is really low down now- my 'basketball between legs' waddle is back and as you can imagine, I look a bit ridiculous! lol

Symptoms: Other symptoms have included really severe heartburn this week. It's been fiery and sporadic, hitting me for no apparent reason at times. I'm still just munching Rennies frequently to try and combat the burning as it is definitely a lot worse this time around! The other symptom that has caught me off guard is probably hormone related- I've just been so teary and emotional for no apparent reason. I know we've had a lot going on in our family life this past month and so maybe everything is just a bit heightened as a result, but yeah, I've definitely been feeling a bit like a yo-yo these past few days.

Looking forward to: I am so looking forward to labour starting and finishing! I just want the baby here now and, having been organising his little clothes and hospital bag, I am reminded of how tiny he is going to be. I just can't wait for those precious snuggles together and to finally get to hold him in my arms! Also, we still don't have a name picked out so I really want to see his face to help us decide who he is going to be! :p

And that is just about everything for this week's update! I'm now at the point of wondering, could this be my last update?! The chances are, probably not! But it's still exciting to think that we are legitimately full term now, anything goes!

I'm planning on doing a 'what's in our hospital bags' post soon so for anyone else who is thinking about what to pack in theirs, I hope you'll find it helpful! Third time around, I definitely have some tips and tricks to make it easier once you get to the hospital.

Have a fab week everyone!


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