38 weeks pregnant

Well, after the way last week played out, I really wasn't expecting to be typing another bump update! As it is, we are still here and expectantly waiting for bambino to arrive! The past seven days have been a bit up and down- Aside from a few false starts where contractions have been timeable and impressive for my experience of Braxton Hicks this far,  at a routine check up with the midwife, my blood pressure also seemed to have rocketed! I hadn't been feeling well at all so they took me in for monitoring and blood tests as there was the possibility of pre-eclampsia going on. Thankfully though all seems to be well this week and my blood work came back fine so I don't need to be induced early! If truth be told, I am still hoping this baby does come early though because I just feel at the end of the road now and every day is getting harder to move about and keep up with the boys. Fingers crossed we don't have long to wait!

Sleep: Honestly, it's not been all that bad lately. I do fall asleep and wake up sore but the sleep part is good! I'm definitely noticing that by about 3pm I feel totally done in so I've been trying to squeeze in mini naps if poss. Eddy's been amazing at helping me out though and has been taking an hour here or there to entertain the kids either in the garden or at the park so I can just sit down for a little bit and that has been such a gift this week.

Movement: Still lots of regular movements. They're more squirmy than ever and I really feel like the baby doesn't have much room to move in there. I also notice the movements are much lower down now. The doctor I saw in hospital last week felt his head through my tummy and said he was pretty much as low as he can be in the pelvic cavity so that is probably why the round ligaments in that area feel so sore. But it's good though because hopefully the baby's position along with gravity will set things into motion before too long!

Cravings: I don't think I need to elaborate on this one, but it's still spearmints! :p

Labour signs: Lots of them! I've had several 'false starts' now which is just bizarre. With my last two pregnancies,  I didnt really feel anything worth sitting up for right up until my waters broke. This time however, I'm having Braxton Hicks all day every day and some of them are really quite reminiscent of early labour. Last week I went to bed in the evening and started contracting every few minutes for over a minute each time! You should have seen me frantically running about the place, throwing together the last minute hospital bag essentials and thinking we would definitely be having a baby that night- but then it all quietened down again! 
Even though it felt like the mother of all false starts, I think it's just a case of my body gearing up for labour now, even though I know perfectly well that I could still go overdue! I'm just trying to take it one day at a time because the thought of this carrying on for potentially another three weeks is a bit daunting!

Symptoms: In terms of symptoms, mine have been pretty much the same for the last few weeks now. Whilst my bump has 'dropped' I'm still getting heartburn frequently. I'm also noticing a bit more swelling in my feet come the evenings. However, I haven't been getting cramps in my legs at night this week so I'm enjoying a bit of relief from that particular symptom!

Looking forward to: Can you guess? I have to say, I have loved being pregnant every bit as much as I have with the boys but I am SO looking forward to meeting this little one now. I can't even put into words how excited we are to finally see his face and give him a name (still struggling massively on that front!) 

That's everything for this weeks update, I wonder if we'll be here next week?! It's crazy to think we're nearly there now. I know in terms of symptoms and general late pregnancy stuff, it can all seem a bit wingy and like I'm complaining a lot over here but I actually can't put into words how worth it every little niggle and pain is to have a safe, healthy delivery! I'm so excited to finally hold this little bean in my arms!



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