Autumn walks

It’s Friday evening, I’m still massively pregnant and wondering how we might spend one of our last weekends as a family of four! (The thought of which has sent my mind into a flurry of ideas and whipped up a real thirst for adventure!)

I do feel as though this week has marked a bit of a seasonal turning point. Whilst we've had some beautifully clear days, the kind where the sky is a piercing blue colour and the rich colours of the land have contrasted amazingly; it also seems that the temperature has finally plummeted a little- the onset of autumn has truly begun!

I love this time of year though. If I wasn't as heavily pregnant I would be spending a lot more of it outside walking and soaking up the scenery. I can't tell you how comforting it is to me to breathe in the scent of autumn leaves as you crunch your way through them, to feel the cold breeze whip past your face and suddenly recognise that first moment when you think you really ought to have worn a hat and scarf after all!

Last week I had one of those days where I just needed to get my mind off this waiting game and divert my thoughts away from labour for a moment! We piled into the car and made the short journey to our local woods where we took the boys and one of their cousins, Nicola, on a real adventure! Tucked down the bottom of a ‘secret’ footpath, Chittlehamholt woods offers one of nature's finest playgrounds and it’s a place my parents used to take us as children to burn off energy, picnic with the bears and enjoy a lot of muddy puddle jumping!

We had a wonderful time and the kids walked for miles, stopping every so often to inspect ‘treasures’ along the way. From feathers and stones to sticks and insects, we were surrounded by some of nature's finest pickings and the kids loved every minute of their time exploring!

I’m still wondering what we might end up doing tomorrow- secretly, I’m longing to head out to the beach for a wintery walk along the shore- we shall see what bump says about that! For now, I thought I would leave you with some happy snaps of our adventures in the woods!

Here's to more autumn walks and adventures to come!



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