Embracing a new season

I had a bit of a reality check as I peeled back the curtains this morning and let the golden light fill our bedroom. This morning marked the first day of October and, for me, that means one certain deadline is creeping up on us this very month- our third baby boy’s arrival!

I think the ninth month of pregnancy is such a wonderful time in life and certainly one that tends to be a real mix of highs and lows! I am SO ready to meet my baby now; I’ve longed to gaze upon his little face and to see him with his brothers and daddy. On the flip side, I also long to have my energy back and to feel able to get back into chasing after my rascals without being exhausted all the time! I'm down to my last few weeks of pregnancy and all too aware that a new season of family life is just around the corner. My boys are so ecstatic at the thoughts of a little baby to take care of and their excitement fills me with unimaginable pride and joy. How instinctive their love for family and their unhesitant desire to welcome new life!

There are so many things I'm looking forward to with having a newborn again and there are also the usual worries I have regarding his arrival- wow, that could be a whole other blog post there! I can't lie, I'm terrified of childbirth but I do feel an amazing peace at the same time. I'm just trying to embrace this new season, the worries and the excitement alike. Pregnancy has a great way of helping you be open to changes and uncertainties and has definitely changed the way I look at my life. 

We're ready to embrace a new season of life together as a family and our hearts are so full of love as we count down these final few days and weeks before we officially become a family of five!


Little one, it's been nothing short of an honour getting to spend the last year growing you inside my tummy! We've been expecting you since January and now we are so close to meeting you- can you imagine how excited your daddy and I are!? 


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