Little surfers

Recently, Noah has taken a real interest in Eddy's love of surfing and has been asking to spend a lot of time at the beach- preferably in the water! He's getting to an age where he's only going to want to be more like his daddy and it just makes me so proud and happy to see the way he looks up to his father as his hero.

Being on the brink of welcoming a new baby into our fold,  I really see how our boys are both growing up and I think once the new baby does arrive it will be even more obvious that Noah 
is turning into a little boy and has truly passed through the toddler phase. 

We had some fun the other day as I was sorting out the car and the boys were busy organising the collection of surfboards that seemed to have accumulated inside of it! It really struck me how interested Noah was to ask Eddy questions about the beach and the water and since then it's been non -stop talking of surf lessons, wetsuits and bodyboards (when we finally move to Cornwall and begin living the dream!) :p

I don't know how my nerves will cope when the boys are big enough to be out back with their daddy teaching them to ride the waves, but surfing has always been a big part of Eddy's life and it's something we do really look forward to embracing as a family when the kids are old enough!



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