Welcome to the world Joshua Bosco!

I honestly thought I would be typing up my 39 week pregnancy update last Monday and sharing more bump photos with you, however, apparently this little one had other ideas! I went into labour on Sunday 16th and little Joshua Bosco arrived in the early hours of Monday morning, 17th October.
Since then, we've been savouring him, loving him and enjoying the expansion of our little family. His brothers have been so excited and full of love for him- I could not have imagined a happier welcome into the family and I am so proud of Noah and Jonah for the way that they have instantly opened their hearts to a new member of the family.

This week has definitely been a rollercoaster in many ways. Recovery wise, I've had a few set backs which has meant extra trips in and out of hospital, and then the baby had Jaundice too so we had another trip back into the hospital to monitor him. Safe to say, it has been a busy one and where I had hoped to be sharing lots of photos and blog pieces with you, we just haven't had much spare time!

However, nearly a week old now, I feel as if Joshua is beginning to find his feet with us and we are so in love with him. Third time around I am also far less anxious about every little detail; timing feeds, changing nappies, monitoring awake/ sleep time- all the new parent concerns have sort of left me and I've found myself truly relaxing into motherhood once more with a sense of freedom and trust in my own instincts. 

As tiring as it is getting back into a routine of minimal sleep, my body seems to have remembered how to cope and somehow it has been much easier this time to adjust to sporadic naps here and there. So far, Joshua has kept us on our feet (quite literally too!) As each evening rolls around I have wondered what the night ahead might bring. We've had a good mix of all nighter's: staying up feeding and rocking Joshua for hours, alongside a couple of sweet intervals where we've managed to get chunks of three hours sleep in one go! 

Suffice to say this week has definitely been fuelled by a mixture of adrenaline, excitement and coffee- lots of coffee! I've often thought that week one with a newborn is more akin to being one very long day with intermittent naps here and there. It's exhausting, raw and emotional, but absolutely magical too. Finally meeting this little boy who I've felt moving about inside me for months is a gift like no other! We are so blessed and thankful that our little boy is here safe and sound and that so far he is thriving! 

Welcome, little Joshua Bosco!


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