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If anything in life is going to make you feel broody beyond belief, I could swear it's putting together your hospital bag for your soon to be new arrival! For me, it's like the cherry on the cake after getting to the end of a long pregnancy- finally getting to pack the essentials and begin dreaming about your little one using these things in the next few days or weeks.
I also find it incredibly therapeutic. The end of pregnancy can be steeped with highs and lows. It's an emotional time for most women where you swing between feelings of pure excitement and joy to fear and worry about what is to come. But between hormones flaring, I have come to really love packing our bags for hospital because it refocuses me and somehow just makes everything seem extremely real!

I have finally finished packing the baby's things and so, just like I have with my own hospital bag, I wanted to share with you the jist of what I will be taking with me for the baby. Again, I've erred on the side of caution and have definitely 'over packed' because whilst I'm praying for a smooth and safe delivery, there are never any guarantees and if we do end up having an extended stay in hospital it's far easier to have enough things on hand to last the duration. Also, in the past I have felt as though I have come home from hospital before I was really ready to. I'm planning on taking it much slower this time, partly because I tend to really struggle with getting breastfeeding established and also because this time around, I know I'll be straight into mothering three little ones- having a mini break in hospital will actually be an opportunity to truly rest up before getting back into the swing of things at home!
Anyway, before I ramble on too much further, here's what we've packed for baby!

1) Nappies- Size 1

2) Waterwipes- Midwives generally prefer you to bring cotton wool and use warm water for the early days of changing baby's nappies but these wipes are also approved for newborns as they're something like 99% water and 1% fruit extract. I've used them with all my newborns and they're just so good and by far the 'wettest' wipe you can buy!

3) Muslin squares- ideal for burping babies with.

4) 2 hats- Even though it's pretty mild, newborns always need to wear a hat- especially when being taken home for the first time. I'm bringing two plain white ones which I think I picked up in Marks and Spencer's. They're like bobby pins though, you can buy 500 and within days somehow be down to only one!

5) Newborn blanket- I'm not going to lie, we have tonnes of baby blankets but I think there is something nice about each baby having his own receiving blanket. I've also never had a pure white knitted one so I'm really excited to use this one from Next. It's really soft and I know it will be perfect for that first journey home.

6) Socks- Again, like the bobby pins, I know these won't last!  I've just picked up a pack of four which I'll bring to hospital should baby need extra cosy toes!

7) Romper and baby bundler- These are two pieces that will be used if we are just hanging out in hospital a little longer. I love bundlers because they're so practical with super easy access to the nappy area!

8) Pack of short sleeved vests- These are ideal for going underneath outfits and rompers for extra warmth. I'm bringing a big pack of 7 as, from past experience, I know just how quickly you can get through them! 

9) Extra clothes- Along with baby's going home outfit, I am also packing some spare clothes which would be suitable to travel home in if needs be. I'll never forget that proud moment we were about to take Noah home for the first time in a beautiful little outfit, when he proceeded to do his very first nappy explosion. Needless to say, the outfit did not make it home! Moral of the story- having back up's is always a good idea! 

That's essentially all we will be bringing for baby. I may throw in a towel for him too but, unless there is a good reason, you're normally advised not to bathe newborns for a few days as it's better for their skin to be left as it is.

I really hope this post is of use to any of you expectant mamas out there- Again, I'd absolutely love to know what you'll be taking with you in your baby's hospital bag- do let me know! Also, if you'd like to see what we packed for Jonah last time around, you can check out his hospital bag contents (here!)



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