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Bath time with my children is always a special moment in our day. Considering our household is a loud and active one from the moment our boys wake in the morning right through till bedtime, I have come to rely on their evening bath as an essential part of the family routine. It’s a failsafe way to wind down the boys' energy and create a calm and (usually) peaceful environment for them to prepare for sleep. I always find myself really looking forward to spending those moments together with my boys as they guarantee plenty of happy chattering, games and laughter- and really, what better way to end the day?!

As lively as it is bathing toddlers, bathing a newborn is a totally different experience but equally, it is such a special way to bond with your baby. Baby Joshua loves getting all wrapped up in his cosy towel before his bath and the cocooning motion of swaddling him  always settles him nicely both in preparation for his bath as well as afterwards when it comes to drying him off.

Another thing I love about bathing Joshua is how noticeable it is that he is responding to my voice. Whilst holding him in the bath, I've found that talking to him gently and keeping my face close to his reassures and calms him and he will often just lie back and watch me chatter away to him.
At only four weeks old and in the few baths he has had, I can see how much Joshua is already growing to love this part of the day. 

HiPP have recently released a new range of baby bath time products to help promote happy bath time moments, especially in those first few weeks with a newborn. 
The lovely team at HiPP recently got in touch with us to see if we would like to try some of their new bathtime products and I jumped at the chance! I love a good product discovery and so I was eager to have a play with this gorgeous new range. 

So far, we have been really enjoying using their ultra sensitive 'free from' range on all of our boys and most especially on Joshua. As newborns have such delicate and sensitive skin, it's quite important that if you are going to use bath products you choose gentle formulations that are specifically designed for their skin.

 All of the HiPP bath time range are free from 'nasties' including PEG, parabens, preservatives and any allergy-causing fragrances. I actually really love the light, fresh scent the products do have as they're not overpowering or heavy and the frsagrance doesn't linger on the skin, which is ideal especially for newborns.

I have to say, out of all the bath time range, I especially love using the foaming handwash with our boys. My older two have really taken to this product because the packaging looks like a cute duck and they seem to enjoy going through the motions of practising washing their hands at the moment!
 Not only is this great for encouraging personal hygiene with toddlers but it is so handy for using on a newborn too. The foam is very quick and easy to dispense and gently cleanses the face and hands whilst protecting skin from drying out. The dispenser also has a locking action so the kids can't 'accidentally' sneak into the bathroom and dispense of the whole product in one go! But even if they did, there is a very handy refill pack which can be added to the bottle to top it up!

The other thing I LOVE about the range is how purse-friendly it is. Whilst many children's bath products can be quite expensive these days, this range is all very affordable as individually, the products are only a couple of pounds each and they go such a long way!

All in all, we have totally loved trialling the new HiPP bathtime range and would definitely recommend these products to families!


*This post contains an advertorial with HiPP. All the opinions expressed are representative of BuntyLiving


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