Farm friends at Daisy Made

Yesterday I took our boys off to Daisy Made, a local ice cream parlour with a difference! This beautiful location happens to have an outdoor farmyard with animals and lots of tractors for the children to play on.
 Unfortunately for us, when we arrived the ice cream parlour was actually closed, but the play area remained open for public use and so we parked up and let the boys spend a long while enjoying the   animals and riding on all the toy tractors.

 It's the sort of place I love to take the children as, despite it being renowned here in Lincoln, it still feels like a bit of a hidden gem. And being quite a small area, it's safe enough to allow the kids run about freely as I can see them from just about any angle! Also, during the weekdays it tends to be nice and quiet meaning that often we've popped down and had the place entirely to ourselves!

We love coming here, not least because the play farm is totally free and makes for a happy, fun afternoon out for everyone, but also because their ice cream is some of the very best we've ever tried! It's all homemade on site using milk from their cows and if you happen to be in a particular hurry there is even the option of using their ice cream drive- through! Have you ever heard of such a wonderful thing?!

If you're ever stuck for something fun to do with the kids, I couldnt recommend Daisy Made more highly as a wonderful place to explore! 

Here are some more snaps from our day out:



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