Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod Review with Mothercare

Sometimes a product comes along that truly makes you wonder how you got by so long without it in your life. As a mama of three boys, I thought I had pretty much seen everything the baby product industry had to offer and, certainly whilst I was pregnant with Joshua, there wasn’t anything new in particular I felt we really needed to purchase. However, that quickly changed when I began to see a lot of hype online for the Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod- a sleep solution that really seems to have taken the baby world by storm!

Created in Sweden, the design and inspiration of this multifunctional pod really centers around the idea of reinventing the womb and creating a safe, snug environment for newborns and babies. Not only is it incredibly portable and easy to move around the house, or throw in the car as a cot alternative for trips away, but it actually allows you the benefit of far greater choice in settling your little one. I love that it can be transferred right into a cot so that the baby needn’t be moved from his snug position in the sleepyhead at bedtime. I also love that it allows a much safer option for co-sleeping as the sides around the pod itself are so high and supported, ensuring the baby is well protected in there.

The pod itself is very easy to clean as it has a zip cover which can  be removed and washed. You can also purchase some rather beautiful colourful additional cushion covers if you fancy making your Sleepyhead a more vibrant space for baby.

Joshua absolutely loves his Sleepyhead and I have already noticed how the closeness of the sides against his body seem to comfort him and guarantee better nap times for him. He also loves to be swaddled and I think that the sensation of being wrapped up inside the Sleepyhead pod soothes him as though he were still in the womb. 

The Sleepyhead can be used up until baby is around 8 months, making it more versatile as a transitional piece. It can help support and develop the all important milestones babies make, particularly that of learning to sit. It also makes a safe place for baby to practise tummy time and a whole host of play and sensory experiences all the while, guaranteeing their comfort and safety.

I'm really excited to continue using ours and I have a very good feeling that little Joshua will be sleeping through the night much faster than his older brothers did!- Thanks Sleepyhead!


*This post was written in Collaboration with Mothercare


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