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 I wouldn't say I'm the most adventurous when it comes to choosing  footwear. In fact, I'll be the first to admit that I do have a track record of investing in 'safe' pieces with the intention of getting longterm wear out of them. For me this often means opting for the same classic shapes and designs that I know will be worn year in and year out. 

Admittedly, my choices are rarely stylistically brave but, with the recent focus on elaborate footwear being pushed by the biggest fashion powerhouses, the current trend for statement boots has made me reconsider my approach to style big time!

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Next to feature some of their new season footwear and, as one of my favourite clothing shops to date, this was a huge honour and a very exciting collaboration for our family. I thought this would make the perfect opportunity to move out of my comfort zone and be ‘fashionably brave’!

When I locked eyes on these beauties on the Next website, I fell in love with them pretty instantaneously. These, my friends, are not a choice I would normally go for but something about the vibrant animal print and the texture of the faux fur really made me want to try them on.

I love the shape of the boots; the high ankle and block heel offer just enough height to really flatter the leg without being uncomfortable to walk in. Being a mum, I don’t often find myself wearing heels during the day but when it comes to boots, it's a lot easier to get away with a heel- especially when it’s such a wearable one like this. 

When the boots arrived I did get just a little bit excited as I unveiled the packaging and saw them for the first time. I even squealed with delight when I tried them on and felt the soft leather cushion my feet like a blanket- they are just SO comfy! 
I definitely think these boots are a little daring but boy do they bring some glamour to a simple grey coat and jeans get up! I feel really glamorous in them and, dare I go as far as saying ‘on trend!’ 

Needless tsay, these are now my favourite boots EVER and I feel they’ve also provided me with the opportunity to really push boundaries with my own sense of style. I'll take that as a win!

For the boys, I knew I wanted a durable winter boot to tide them over this season. Considering our boys have always gotten on so well with footwear from Next, picking out two pairs was nothing but an enjoyable task. 
I really liked the look of their younger boys Chelsea boots and so I decided to choose the same pair for Noah and Jonah but each in a different colour. We got Noah the boots in a berry colour which is really beautiful for this time of year. And for Jonah, we got them in a chocolate colour, complete with cute army print detailing on the sides.
 These boots are such a classic style and they are seriously hardwearing so from a mum’s perspective, I know these will stand the test of winter and of my young boys- which is definitely saying something!

Suede leather can be tricky with young boys as they are quite likely to scuff them but in my opinion, a little wear can actually make a shoe look better. Obviously, we won’t be marching through muddy fields with these on but for general use, I think they will be great winter shoes which will keep the boy's feet cosy, dry and stylish too!

Eddy joined in with the unintentional boot theme we started and opted for this rather dashing pair. He described these to me as "super hardwearing and comfortable AND up there with his all-time favourite shoes to date!”- quite a statement it would seem! The fact is that these boots are really easy to style and they’re the sort of footwear that just seem to go with everything. Whether for a casual daytime look, or a slightly more put together approach, they undoubtedly bring an edge of ‘cool’ to an outfit.

With our new shoes on, we stepped out around one of our favourite local landmarks, the Lincoln Minster and managed to get some nice ‘shoefie’ shots along the way. 

I’m gonna call it, Next seriously have it sorted when it comes to footwear for the whole family. They’ve been my ‘go to’ for a long time and as always, I feel their designs and quality are second to none this season!

What’s your 'go-to’ style for Winter footwear?


*Post in collaboration with Next


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