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I have fond memories of a Christmas years ago where, after opening our presents at a ridiculously early hour, my siblings and I gathered on my parent's bed to watch them exchange gifts. I remember  the feeling of anticipation and excitement as we eagerly waited to see what surprise they had for one another.
And then, completely unknowingly they each unwrapped a camcorder and exchanged quizzical glances as we all realised the fluke chance of them actually buying the same gift had become a reality! Needless to say, that year there were a lot of home movies recorded by all of us!

It got me thinking though about the concept of 'his and hers' Christmas gifts and how you can actually get a lot of fun from unwrapping the same gift as your loved one at Christmas, either as a deliberate choice or, as in the case of my parents, by complete chance! 

You probably know my love of radios by now, both for the comforting buzz of music around the home and for their decorative quality.
If like me, you and your loved one both enjoy the radio then VQ definitely have it covered for you this Christmas. I think what I love most about VQ radios above any other radio has to be the way they make it so easy to cater to the styles of even the hardest to buy for. They really do have something for everyone!

I recently had the oppertunity to choose two radios from VQ as my perfect duo for a 'his & hers' edit and the first one I opted for was this beautiful Hepburn MK II in the gorgeous pink hearts design by Emma Bridgewater.

I really think this design summarises everything I love about stylish radios; it's pretty, wonderfully girly and, already knowing exactly where I wanted to place it, I knew it would bring a really lovely pop of colour to our mostly white bedroom!

However, when it comes to choosing gifts for my husband, that is an area I really struggle with. Every year we have the same conversation that goes along the lines of: "What would you like for Christmas honey?" And without fail Eddy always responds with "Oh nothing, I have everything I need!"- Whilst I have to commend my husband's selflessness, it does make it a difficult job choosing a gift I know he would really love. 

However, even he couldn't help but get excited about the more masculine range of radios from VQ. In the end, he chose the Retro MK II in the baby blue colour. Now this radio really is a thing of beauty! And for all those gadget lovers out there, this radio has the added feature of a lightning dock on the front, meaning you can plug your iPhone in to charge whilst playing content from your own library or even streaming wirelessly from services like Apple or Spotify- How clever is that!?

The whole design of the Retro MK II is really clever and it just opens up more possibilities for enjoying your own music in the home. I think this radio would make the perfect gift for any music lovers as it's just so versatile and with the option of a rechargeable battery, you can take it anywhere and enjoy your music on the go!  

I think a beautiful radio from VQ would make such a gorgeous gift to unwrap under the Christmas tree. They really have a nack for designing pieces that can complement most personal tastes and I think if you want to go down the route of 'his & hers' matching gifts this year, you really can't go wrong with a radio from VQ!

And, as if you didn't need more of an excuse to shop at VQ , they also currently have two exciting promotions on their website where, for every purchase customers will receive a £60 Naked Wines voucher AND also be entered into a prize draw to win a pair of tickets to see Jersey Boys the Musical! How fab is that?!

*Post in Collaboration with VQ


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