Life as a mama to three

Six weeks into life with three and I feel as though I am slowly getting into the swing of things. 
Any parent will know that looking after a newborn has its challenges, but funnily enough, I have found little Joshua such an ‘easy’ baby this far- it’s his brothers that have been keeping me busy! 
Perhaps it’s because they are aware of my divided attention, or maybe they are trying to figure out the changed dynamic of the family. Whatever the case, Noah and Jonah definitely ensured I was back up on my feet much faster than I was after having either of them!

Six weeks after welcoming Joshua, we still don’t have a solid routine but we have the mindset of taking each day as it comes and working with that. We’ve had some severely sleepless nights as the older boys seem to have taken it upon themselves to join in with Joshua’s wakeful sleep cycle, themselves waking up through the night and needing to be settled!
 I don’t really know what that is all about as they sleep physically far enough away from the baby not to be woken by him. Yet their sleep does seem a bit out of sync and we are trying to encourage them back into a normal pattern because I tell you, waking up to feed a newborn and then to settle two other children through the night definitely requires a level of stamina I am struggling with currently!

In truth, there are a lot of days when I feel run ragged and wishing I had several more sets of arms and legs than I do but somehow, when the end of the day does come, I can look back over it and acknowledge that even if I feel worn out, the children actually had a pretty wonderful day and that really is all that matters! Nobody said being a parent would be easy but the rewards of seeing your littles thrive and learn new things every single day is so affirming as a mother. It really gives me a perspective on my purpose as a parent and my role in their lives.

 We definitely don't have it all together just yet, but If we manage to eat breakfast and have everyone up and dressed by 9am, I consider that a win! Already the milestones I set myself are becoming more attainable and I feel extremely grateful that when I look around, I have a healthy, happy family who share a lot of love for each other!

In terms of myself, I am also so thankful to be feeling physically healed from birth and am regaining more of my old strength as the days pass. Whilst we had a bumpy start initially with the damage to my bladder in labour, it has all become much easier in that department and in myself, I feel ready to start exercising again and slooowly thinking about getting back into shape.  

So in essence, life with three is noisy, demanding and it can feel relentless at times. But it's colourful and vivid and honest as day! The kids wear their hearts on their sleeves and feel everything so deeply -so much so, it cultivates a home of love and encourages me as a mother to be 'on their level' and to try to see the world through their eyes. At the moment there isn't much time for rest and the concept of 'me time' is definitely on the back burner for a while, but I feel like I'm learning something really important in this season of parenting. I'm learning to be a giver, a provider, and an endless source of comfort and love. In fleeting moments I glimpse scenarios playing out where the saying 'parenting makes you a better person' has an oppertunity to come to life. Being a mummy provides me with endless oppertunities to become a better version of myself and to work on those areas where I find myself lacking.

Life as a mama to three...I would't have it any other way :)



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