Oh Christmas tree!

One activity that always gets us in the frame of mind for Christmas is venturing out together to pick the tree! We went to help Grandma choose hers last week and, even though it was a really dark and gloomy day, we had fun looking at the various trees, decorations and lights everywhere. Our local tree farm is at Fillingham where they grow their own so it’s nice to be able to support a local business at this time of year, as well as gaining a beautiful tree to decorate!

I always find this is the time of year I'd like to 'do' all the stereotypical Christmassy things like attending carol concerts and Christmas markets, (amongst a growing list of other activities). However, with three under fours, it's just not always possible to get to everything and I'd rather spend time with the children, helping them engage with the true meaning of Christmas and without stressing about what we haven't been to or seen.

Choosing the tree is such a lovely thing to do as a family because it provides a real focal point in the home for all of us over the coming days. Whilst the children are very focused on a certain visit from the jolly man in red, we are also trying to teach them the value of generosity, kindness and of serving others first, (even if that simply means allowing the other to choose a biscuit from the tin first!)

It's all about simple, easy steps with young'uns!

But enough rambling...on to the photos of our tree hunting!

It's beginning to feel A LOT like Christmas!
Are we all getting excited?!



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