Photo of the week; 'smushy mum love'

Every so often I come across a photo that either myself or Eddy has taken and it really makes me stop in my tracks. Sometimes it's clearly an accidental photo, either through testing out camera settings where one of us has unknowingly captured a moment between the boys, or perhaps particularly beautiful lighting outside. And sometimes it's a deliberate image taken that says more than I can put into words.

For me, this is a photograph that speaks a thousand words. I look at it and I sort of see myself from a third person perspective; I can see myself as a mother in a way that I don't when I'm just going about my day looking after the children.

I normally find myself behind the camera as the one taking the photos so to see myself loving on the children in front of the camera is a stark reminder of my role and my vocation as a mother. 
There's nothing like moments spent cuddling one of my babies and these are the images I want to pass down to my children when they grow up. I want to build a scrapbook for the boys which hold our most treasured moments with them when they are young so that we can pass it onto them when they grow up and this is exactly the kind of photo I want Joshua to keep forever.

Enough of the 'smushy' mum love though,
I hope everyone has a wonderful last weekend before Christmas. We're having a slow one before we head down to Devon for Christmas in the country with my family. We're beyond excited for the festivities to begin!



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