3 year 'bloggiversary'

Could I have ever imagined that I would one day be a blogger, a full-time mummy of three and wife to the 'guy in the band' I had a secret crush on for years?! Nope, none of it! Looking over the last few years, I have been blessed immensely!

This month is my blog's third birthday- if that's a thing? Whilst I'm not in the habit of patting my own back, I am immensely proud of this little space and for what, so far, it is doing to change our lives. I've developed a passion for photography, for colour, for creating and putting content together. Writing, editing, conversing over the phone with brands and businesses, learning how to use computer programming and managing my time in between all of this!...All this 'behind the scenes' stuff has contributed to giving me an inner confidence in the knowledge that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. 
It's a sentiment that was repeated in school over and over but, somehow, I never really applied it to myself. I didn't ever really think I would achieve great things until I married the man of my dreams and then became a mother. And then to have the privilege of supporting my family through this blog. Well, I can only thank God for His goodness to us all!

This year is going to be a good one. Not only do I feel it within me, but I've been given some amazing opportunities and already they are coming to fruition. I don't really know how to put into words everything that this blog means to our family but I wanted to mark the occasion somehow.

Quite simply, I wanted to say thank you! Thank you for reading, for sharing and for always coming back to BuntyLiving. I'm incredibly grateful for your support and ongoing well-wishes. Thank you!

2017, we're coming for you! :p



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