Beating January blues

This is the time of year when we can all feel a touch of the 'January blues' in some way or other- Christmas is finished and summer feels SO far away. I don't know about you but I find myself itching for the first signs of spring and for an end to this drizzly, cold season that I'm so ready to be over!

Everything about January makes me want to curl up beside the fire and hibernate indoors. The tax bill is due, the dark days seem to be lingering and all I want to do is pack up and go in search of sun and heat- glorious vitamin D!

I do try to remind myself that by the end of Feb it will be spring- (I recall: 'the first of March, the Crow builds his nest', yes?!) But recently I have also had a change of heart and have really tried to embrace our rather dreary winter and use my January to set the tone for the year ahead.

One thing I am doing to overcome my January blues is just making a conscious effort to get outside more, to face the season come rain or shine. Walking, jogging, or just running the usual errands are great ways to get fresh air in your lungs and revive your spirits. It's so underrated how being outside can help you out of a mental rut or to just lift your mood if you're feeling a bit below parr.

On the gloomiest, darkest winter days I have been enjoying just getting out there and facing January head on. Looking back on this month so far I can see that this small commitment has already done me the world of good mentally.

What are your top tips for beating the January blues?



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