Cashmere & Kids

Dressing as a mum has never felt easier with the ongoing trend for loose layers, cosy fabrics and comfortable shapes. Bearing in mind that I am still breastfeeding, much of what I choose to wear is dictated by this anyway, but it definitely helps me feel a bit more current when I see so many of the typical kinds of styles I generally gravitate towards, being replicated in the shops anyway.

I'm well aware that the term 'easy access' is unlikely to grace style content in a Vogue magazine but nevertheless, fashion in recent years has become a lot more accessible for mums and I think it's really transformed the way women approach personal style as a result.

Where I used to put time into deciding what to wear each day, I now no longer have the luxury to faff,  so having a few interchangeable pieces that I know will work with many outfit combinations saves me a heap of time (especially in the mornings when it's dark and I'm particularly bleary-eyed!) 

However, one staple piece I am enjoying SO much at the moment is this loose fitting cardigan which is incredibly easy to throw on top of anything and go.

This cardigan was actually a Christmas present from my parents and since receiving it I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It's incredibly soft and warm and it's also the perfect 'beige' shade that gives it wearability with SO much of what I already own. 

For me, cashmere is a real treat and not something I splurge on often. But what I love about the pieces I do own is the noticeable quality of fabric and cost per wear. Whilst they are 'investment' pieces, they DO stand the test of time and I know I will hang on to mine for years. And for that reason, this cardi is stored in the 'not for sticky little fingers' section of my wardrobe! ;p

Cashmere might not mix with kids very well but what's life without a little risk here and there?!



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