Creating my 'blogstation' with HP

As a blogger, I find it essential to have a workspace that is up to date and convenient to use. For me, there are certain elements that make up my ‘blogstation’ without which, I would find it difficult to work effectively and also to produce the content I do.
When I had the opportunity to try out the HP Inkjet 3720, the world’s smallest all-in-one printer, I was delighted to trade my rather enormous, not to mention ancient university printer in for a far more contemporary design. This printer will print images from any device and, impressively it has the time-saving feature of wirelessly monitoring the ink levels which will automatically send out new cartridges to you when the ink is running low. How convenient is that?!

As a family who happen to be on the road a fair bit, the idea of having an all-in- one printer that is also portable is extremely appealing. This one packs up really neatly and we've found it to be very robust too, meaning it can easily be brought along on many of our adventures.

To be honest, for me, the size of this printer is one of its strongest assets as it doesn’t compromise on quality one bit! It still manages to compete with the printer market as a high quality, easy to use and very versatile piece of tech that would be beneficial in any home or office. 
Aside from the obvious benefits of its sleek design, the HP Inkjet 3720 is also extremely purse-friendly, retailing at just under £60- I definitely don’t think I've come across a printer that can do so much, yet at such a reasonable price!

I don’t have the largest workspace and when we are on the road, my makeshift desks are even more restricted in terms of space, so having a printer that I can rely on for quick access, yet without needing to take up all the room on my desk is really essential for me. Considering my usual kit of blogger essentials includes a laptop or desktop computer, camera, lenses, external hard drives and stationary galore; you can probably imagine that I enjoy styling my workspace from a minimalistic approach and I feel this is a printer that can totally meet all of my aesthetic and printing needs!

The other element I love is how this printer cooperates with the HP social media snapshots app, which allows you to print 4x5 inch sticky photos directly from Instagram and other social media sites, using the HP photo paper.
 Now, I'm definitely the kind of person who loves printing photos, whether as means to look back on precious moments with my loved ones or to fill my home with inspirational quotes and images. Either way, the possibility of seeing an image on my phone and being able to wirelessly print it at the touch of a button is a level of convenience I could get used to!

Have you spied the HP inkjet 3720 yet? 
I’ve linked to it here if you'd like to have a closer peek!


*Post in collaboration with HP


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