Discovering Moonfleet Manor

Finding the perfect holiday location for a young family can be a difficult task at the best of times. It’s not always straight- forward weighing up whether or not to travel abroad and if so, where to? And if you do opt for the 'at home' holiday, is it really possible to enjoy a quality break in the UK where you can really feel as though you’re away from it all?

Throw three under fours into the equation and all of a sudden it seems like an impossibility. A relaxing holiday with toddlers...? I can understand how that might sound like a complete oxymoron!

I've often had the exact same outlook myself, thinking that really there is no such thing as a 'relaxed family holiday' once you become a parent- you sort of just adapt, leap in and hope for the best, right?

How wrong I was!

We recently had the opportunity to visit Moonfleet Manor with Luxury Family Hotels. For us, this was a chance to experience a luxury hotel specifically designed for families and ensuring a break that would surpass the needs and expectations of everyone. 

Right from the moment of our arrival we were welcomed in as though we were arriving at a family member’s home. In fact, I distinctly remember upon our check-in having a sense that the place didn’t really feel hotel like at all and with warm fires crackling around every corner and interesting antiques and artwork dotted about, I couldn’t help stop for a moment to simply take in the beautiful, historical space we were standing in. 

While I was exploring the downstairs, one of the lovely members of staff immediately began introducing my boys to Snoopy, the resident dog who took great interest in our boys. This was the introduction that really set the tone for the rest of our time at Moonfleet Manor, where family really seems to be right at the heart.

We were shown to our room, a quaint two-storey barn conversion which, again, couldn’t have been more thoughtfully designed for young families. With a separate lounge for the children along with a twin bedroom downstairs, we were pleasantly surprised by how much space had been allocated. Upstairs there was another lounge next to the master bedroom. We were fortunate to be dazzled by the most incredible views from the great big windows which flooded our living space with light.

We made the most of our short time at Moonfleet Manor exploring the gorgeous surroundings of the house and facilities. The children were particularly drawn to the enormous play barn which housed pretty much everything a child could want to burn off energy. From a soft play area to a climbing wall, and including ride on cars, trikes, pool tables and a ball game area- we ended up spending a lot of time here just letting the children enjoy the space and build up their appetites for dinner!

And speaking of appetites, probably our favourite aspect of our whole time at Moonfleet Manor was the ease with which we dined alongside our children.
The thought of taking our young brood out to a fancy restaurant is normally enough to send shivers down my spine. My boys do not sit still for long and it can often become stressful if one of them decides they don't actually want to be there after all...just as you've placed the order!

Moonfleet Manor offer five-star dining in really comfortable, not to mention stylish surroundings. The waiting staff were eager to assist with anything we needed and couldn't have been more understanding about serving hungry little ones- fast! Before we had even placed our order they brought over little snacking bowls of hummous and vegetables to keep the boys busy while we took our time surveying the impressive menus.

I loved that dining with children didn’t feel like we were compromising on quality one bit. Our food was fresh, beautifully presented and absolutely delicious! It was an experience like no other for me just being able to enjoy a beautiful meal with my children in a beautiful restaurant. 

Breakfast certainly didn’t disappoint either. The menu had pretty much anything you could ask for with the options of a fresh, cooked menu along with a buffet comprising fruits, yogurts, cereals, pastries and juices. And don’t get me started on the fresh coffee! 

Needless to say, Moonfleet not only provided us all with a great night’s sleep but also, the very best start to our day as we breakfasted in style and used the occasion to plot our day’s adventures around the table.

In all honesty, I have to say Moonfleet Manor is a ‘home from home’ experience that has totally transformed my appreciation for 'holidaying at home'. As ours was a midweek stay, we felt especially fortunate to have the place almost entirely to ourselves and this allowed us to really unwind and appreciate a real sense of peace and serenity. 
I do think there is something lovely about escaping our normal lives during the week, it feels a bit more of a luxury than a weekend away and for us, it certainly was just that!

We had an incredible time and, as we said our sad goodbyes to the wonderful staff, we decided we would definitely be coming back again!

Until next time, Moonfleet Manor!


*Post in collaboration with Luxury Family Hotels


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