January: a time to wipe the slate clean

There's nothing quite like the start of a new year to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. I think many of us instinctively feel that urge to freshen the home as soon as the Christmas decorations get boxed up and banished to the attics. If you're anything like me, the whole process of putting the Christmas decs away heralds a time for organisation and more often than not, I find myself going on a mad decluttering spree through the home as a result! 

I love January for putting the house 'to rights' and in the past I have used this month to order our home, clear out cupboards, drawers, wardrobes etc and tryyy by all means possible to live more minimally.

I suppose this is also the time of year we like to ensure we have new diaries at the healm, ready to record the events of the new year and to help organise our households, social lives, work commitments and family. And if we're on the hunt for new diaries, then naturally new stationary will follow suit. I'm a terrible one for buying new pens and pencils (whether or not we actually have need of them) and buying the necessary display pots and cases to keep them all in. 

There's something about this particular month that seems to bring out the 'life coach' in me and I spend so long tactically planning the year ahead, how to practically keep to my resolutions and how to become even more efficient at the laundry. (Don't tell me, I already know I live in the fast lane! :p )But truly, I love beginning the year on a bit of an organisational high and finding ways to improve not only on myself, but on my roles as a wife, mother, homemaker and keeper.

What do you love most about January? 
Do you have a sense of wiping the slate clean too?!



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