Kitchen talk & blog goals

So far, 2017 on this blog has been a bit of a turning point after an already amazing 2016. Last year we, as a family, entered into several really fun collaborations with brands and this had the effect of totally expanding my overall vision for the blog. 

I never really expected the blog to become a source of income for our family or, if i'm totally honest, to reach more people than our immediate family and friends! I'm totally astonished that it seems to be enjoyed by a global community and knowing this has given me a great sense of encouragement in wanting to keep pursuing this journey we're on. It's also made me incredibly grateful for the support and love I've received along the way. Trust me, there have been moments where I've considered stopping the blog for various reasons, but generous words and thoughtful comments have always appeared at the right time to remind me that there is some value in this little space, even if only to spread a little cheer!

I'm quite aware that some of the content of the blog this year will be predetermined by contracts we have entered into. Even though I tend only to collaborate with brands that I feel fit within the overall aesthetic and style of my blog, I do want to really strive to maintain balance so that my own personality and voice aren't lost in the thick of writing on behalf of brands and businesses. 

One way I am hoping to achieve this is by infusing the blog with more chit-chat style posts where you can really glean a bit more of my personality. I'll be posting more informal, relaxed blog posts with a focus on style, homey inspiration, fashion and our family life in general...just some of the topics I take a personal interest in. 

If there is anything you'd like me to cover though, do comment below as I'd love to know if there's anything specific you'd like me to post about!

In the meantime, thank you for reading, sharing and supporting :)



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