Raising Those Rascals: almost 7K!

This week we are quite a sniffly bunch, the dreaded January cold has well and truly set in and I have been wiping more snotty noses than I could count!
We got back from a lovely mid-week break at Center Parcs last Friday but since then all my children have dropped like flies coming down with this horrid cold...there was me on the brink of congratulating myself for escaping the clutches of winter once more!

Mum's and Dad's, you know the score: poorly little ones almost always equals a round of bad nights, teary babies and extra cuddles required. Our week has been a mish-mash of trying to get the boys to eat...anything! And late night escapades of tucking and re-tucking in boys who seem adamant that our bed can fit a family of five in...comfotably! (Kids, one day you'll understand!) Until then, it's coffee and cuddles, tissues and early morning cartoons that are getting this family through. Oh, and lots of prayers for the grace needed to manage everything in between!

"In sickness and in health", a vow I made on my wedding day springs to my mind at times like these and, somewhat surprisingly it's my children that remind me of it. Jonah particularly has been unwell the past few days, his usual bouncy self is frustrated with a head cold that is taking the fun out of his play. Despite this, he has been repeatedly telling me "I love you mammy", thus compelling me to remind him that I love him too...every few minutes it seems.

I don't enjoy the boys being sick but I do love the way our 'sick days' bring us together and remind us all that sometimes, all you need around you are the arms of those who love you best in this world.

I popped on the Instagram hashtag earlier and saw that the hashtag is almost up at 7000 entries. That's so many of you supporting and sharing our love of parenting! Thank you so very much for contributing and sharing the precious everyday moments of family life with us!

As always, here are my faves from the last week or so, how gorgeous are these, right?!  Be sure to pop over and give these lovely Instagrammers a follow too!









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