Sleep reinvented with Casper

Climbing into bed at the end of the day is often met with all kinds of feelings for me as I mentally recap on the day that has passed. Sometimes it is met with a sense of relief and exhaustion, sometimes a longing for five minutes of absolute stillness before I can no longer fight the wave of sleep that comes over me. And sometimes it's met with the joy that comes from a day well spent and the hope that tomorrow will see us all wake in health once more.

It wasn't until recently that I considered for the first time in my life the dramatic influence our place of rest has on the quality of sleep we get.
I suppose whilst being in the thick of parenting my three young boys, I've sort of lost track of the need to rest myself both mentally and physically.

We've grown so used to our new normal; of waking in the night to feed, hold and soothe little ones. To have them contentedly 'starfish' in bed next to us as we find ourselves clinging to the edges and just hoping we don't end up on the floor- all the crazy things we parents will do just to ensure a better night's sleep for everyone.
So focused we are on ensuring rest happens, we invariably end up not getting the rest we, as the adults caring for our children actually need in order to function!

When I had the chance to try out the Casper mattress along with their bedding set, my whole perspective on sleep changed. I realised that it's not always about the surrounding factors of your day and night that are wholly responsible for the quality of sleep gained, but rather, the quality of your mattress and bedding! Never would I have attributed such importance to a physical mattress in assisting your sleep and supporting your body to maximize the physical rest required to get up and go the following day.

A Casper mattress is no ordinary mattress. Designed with four key elements in mind: comfort, support, durability and temperature and with research into understanding the properties of over 100 foam samples, Casper have truly reached a new pinnacle of luxury and innovation in their final design.

The process of crafting each mattress combines four layers of foam,  each contributing key individual benefits to provide ultimate comfort and support.
 It seems Casper have thought of everything from weight distribution, pressure relief, long-lasting durability and temperature and what they have achieved is the oppertunity for unparalleled comfort and rest.

Since receiving our mattress and sheets our sleep has definitely been reinvented. Even though it's still interrupted with feeding a three-month-old and lots of early starts, the Casper mattress is the first one that has truly made a difference to how I feel physically after sleep. My muscles don't hurt in the same way from awkwardly feeding the baby and I feel physically well. It seems a strange thing to write, but I suppose it wasn't until we tried this mattress that I experienced the difference Casper makes. I certainly don't think we could go back to anything else now!

The Casper bedding has also had a wealth of thought go into the mastery of every little detail. Initially, Casper recognised an ongoing compromise in bedding so often bought and sold and the disparity between strength, softness and breathability.

After conducting an impressive amount of market research, which included visiting 10 factories on three different continents and reviewing hundreds of samples, Casper discovered the perfect cotton sheet that would provide a sublime balance between their three key focal points. They created sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers that are sumptuous, soft and so luxurious against the skin.

Casper have proven to our family that a good night's sleep isn't necessarily about peace and quiet, rather, it's about providing a place that will offer support and supreme comfort, making your (eventual) sleep better than you ever knew it could be!

Have you experienced Casper yet?


*Post written in collaboration with Casper


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