The perfect base

If there is one thing I rely on to make me look a little more put together, (especially when running on little sleep), it's a good makeup base. I've always enjoyed playing around with makeup and, in the years where I've had an interest in buying makeup for myself, I have discovered some great high- street and high-end products that work for me.

 I recently reverted back to a foundation that I used a few years ago but kinda forgot all about since! Revisiting my love for Clarins True Radiance reminded me of how finding the perfect makeup base can transform your skin, creating a fresh and healthy complexion.

This is also one of those products that just looks beautiful sitting on a dressing table. The glass packaging and metallic lid all add a level of luxury that isn't so often repeated by other makeup brands. Sometimes it's just the small details that make a product stand out and this is one that ticks all the boxes for me. It's easy to work with a lot of other branded makeup and I find it actually lengthens the staying power of my other makeup when I apply this foundation first.

I think this is a great example of a foundation that is workable, buildable and just utterly lovely to use. The coverage is pretty full when applied, but by blending the smallest amount to just cover over blemishes and even out my skin, I end up with a very natural look that has a radiant but 'barely there' finish.

A product that is totally new to my makeup bag is the Clarins instant concealer. The thick, creamy consistancy of this really ensures a little goes a long way- I mean you are really getting your money's worth when you buy this- I can see mine lasting a reallllly long time!

In all honesty, I have to admit that I was slightly dubious buying this. I wondered if I was just buying into yet another campaign that feeds off the insecurities of women. But in truth, this is actually an amazing little product for women everywhere!
 As a busy mum, I have more 'home days' than ever before and as a result, I'll often not bother with wearing makeup during the day if I know I'm just going to be pottering about the place. But lately, I've really gotten into the habit of popping a little bit of this concealer under my eyes in the mornings and the difference it makes is quite incredible.
Panda eyes=gone!

This concealer is gorgeous and it seems to apply flawlessly with fingers or makeup brushes- whichever your preference.  
Together, this foundation and concealer make a brilliant duo, I really have to hand it to Clarins this time! 

Whilst makeup isn't everything in life, it sure can build a wee bit of confidence into my day, especially when I feel as though I begin to resemble my old self...instead of the sleep-deprived zombie I've become!

Thanks Clarins!



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