A blurry week

This week seems to have passed in a bit of a blur for us. I haven't felt certain about where each day has started and ended...for me, they've all sort of run seamlessly into each other with intermittent naps to break. I've felt really challenged in truth and there have been several moments this week where I've pinpointed pivotal opportunities to either rise to meet the challenge or allow myself to be swallowed up and overwhelmed by it. And I'll admit it, I've definitely chosen both options at times! 

I suppose as parents we have this faith in knowing that whatever our circumstance or situation, we WILL manage somehow. We manage to keep our little kingdoms running and particularly as mothers, we know somehow we will succeed. There is no alternative to ensuring it all happens, that's for sure.

What we don't necessarily appreciate is how difficult it can be at times. There are days when the enormity of the task of raising my children compared with how capable I feel, downright scares me.
 I often reach the end of the day and look back over the good parts of it, particularly what the children may have said or done that really stood out. But I also remember the times where I've failed them. I might have been too quick to scold or lose my temper, I might have been impatient with their repetitive little ways. I might have found myself clock watching a little too long- wishing bedtimes would arrive an hour early. I might have simply been too 'busy' to just enjoy the chaos of it all.

I'm trying to be really conscious of making the most of my time with the kids, especially in these months before Noah begins school. I feel the countdown is on before the dynamic of family life changes once more with the introduction of school runs, new routines and term time boundaries! (Oh heavens, no!)

Time is such a precious gift and I am painfully aware of it at present. Let's make the most of our time with our children and simply choose to be the best versions of ourselves for them!



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