Minimal makeup station

While having a bit of a reshuffle the other day, I came to the realisation that my makeup 'storage system' (or lack of) was beginning to get beyond a joke and so this week I took it upon myself to sort through everything and rescue what desperately needed rescuing, whilst ruthlessly binning items that I hadn't used in ages and didn't need to keep hold of.

In the end, I decided it would be practical to separate my main collection from the products I tend to use on a daily basis so that I wouldn't have to rifle through so much in the morning when I just need to get my hands on that one eye liner!

It helps that I have a massive aversion to clutter and surfaces being covered with 'stuff'- an aversion that undoubtedly helped me to banish 90% of the items on my makeup station away to the more organised drawers I allocated them. 

As I use the top of a tall chest of drawers for a dressing table, space is definitely limited so I like what is on display to look as organised and neat as possible.
I decided to strip what's on display right back to the bare essentials (including flowers of course!) and to have only the basic skincare and makeup items that I will definitely use each day on viewable. I emptied what had been a glass copper stand for a geometric candle holder and instead found use for it as a container to tidy my makeup into. 

Infusing the home with copper tones has definitely increased in popularity as a style trend over the last few years and it's one I am more than happy to support! 
Coincidentally, a lot of my makeup products are actually packaged in copper/rose gold hardware so I thought they would actually look well placed inside this container together.

I then have two identical copper holders for my makeup brushes and cotton wool which were bought from Wilkinsons. These are great because they're a perfect size for brushes and so purse friendly too- I think they were literally a couple of pounds each, but they tie in nicely with the overall copper theme going on.

Aside from a few strategically placed essentials like my mirror, the candles and fresh flowers, I have kept my vanity area as minimal and unfussy as possible. Being high up enough to be out of reach of little fingers works for me so that I can also have perfumes and glass products on display without worrying about the kids breaking anything, or re-decorating the walls with foundation! 

Do you have a system for storing/displaying your everyday makeup?



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