Perfect prep by Tommee Tippee

It's not often a baby product comes along that makes me question how I got by without it in my life for so long. But when that does happen, I really think I owe it to every other parent to share my discovery in the hopes that you too will love it every bit as much as me!
I recently helped Tommee Tippee out on an Instagram campaign which involved their new Perfect Prep formula dispenser and was extremely lucky to have been gifted one of these 'baby nespressos' to keep. As a mummy who combination feeds, I very much have to be on top of my game when it comes to sterilising bottles and preparing feeds as my baby is still very young and whilst I am still breastfeeding where I can, we rely on formula to really nourish Joshua and keep the weight going on steadily.

Over time and with the experience of now bottle-feeing three babies, I have learnt how to minimise waiting for feeds to cool/heat and have gained some tips and tricks along the way to hurry up the process when the baby is hungry. Obviously, with young bottle fed babes, their water must be completely sterile and so every feed requires boiled water to ensure no germs are passed through to the baby.

However, for a long time I've felt there has been a massive gap in the market for a product that would aid parents in providing the perfect feed in less than the 10 mins it takes to cool boiling water down to a drinkable temperature. Night times can definitely feel SO long when faffing about with bottles and I have often found myself devising ways to speed the process up- safely. Sometimes I've employed the use of travel flasks to slowly cool the water in the night ready for the 3am feed, but whatever I have ended up doing to improvise has always felt a bit amateur and inconvenient.

When Tommee Tippee reached out and asked me to try their new Perfect Prep machine, you can imagine I jumped at the chance! Tommee Tippee advertise the machine to correctly make up bottle feeds ready for consumption in under two minutes and the only corner they are cutting here is time! I couldn't help but dream of how our nights might improve courtesy of the Perfect Prep and, as I said earlier, I immediately questioned how I had gotten so far into parenting without ever coming accross something like this!

We've been using ours for over a week now and it has been saving me SO much time by making up the feeds as and when baby needs them in what feels like no time at all. The perfect prep itself is extremely easy to operate and only requires you using tap water to fill the tank. The dial at the top can be manoeuvered according to how ever many ounces of feed you wish to prepare and then the machine will match the correct (body temperature) water with your formula.

How clever is that?!

It's also very light and portable which has made carrying it around the home extremely easy. We have got into the habit of having ours set up in the kitchen during the day and then we bring it into our bedroom last thing at night so that we don't even need to leave the room to prepare those overnight feeds now!

I am genuinely astounded at the ease with which this machine allows us to prepare Joshua's milk and the convenience of it all too!
Parents who bottlefeed, I cannot recommend this product highly enough, it literally is a game changer!



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