True love: the glue to family life

Since the children arrived, our ideas of celebrating Valentine's day have shifted drastically. We definitely don't make as much fuss about it as we did when we were younger but that's not to say we don't celebrate at all though.
 I think Valentine's day is one of those occasions in the year where we all consciously stop to think about the ones we love and it's important to take a moment to be grateful. As cliche as it is to watch the adverts rolling in everywhere once February arrives, celebrating love and family is such a sweet part of our national identity and it's a tradition I always look forward to! 
I guess we've always been in the mood for celebrating on Valentine's day anyway because my little sister happened to be born on this day which made our Valentines' growing up such cheerful, wonderful family celebrations!

Today my boys surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers (I was not expecting something so gorgeous!) and Noah made me the sweetest card and princess crown to wear! They totally spoiled me, reminding me once more that love really is the glue to family life.

Now that we have children, we never tend to go overboard with presents, cards, or the commercial side of Valentine's celebrations. For us, it's simply a reminder to choose to love and to seek out those moments in the small details of everyday life. My kids are experts at giving me oppertunities to be patient, kind, selfless and loving. Sometimes I find myself welcoming those oppertunities with open arms, whilst other times I run for the hills (as fast as I can!) But my little valentines are slowly shaping me and changing me and I thank God every day for allowing me to be their mummy.
I do think it's amazing that somehow, He came to the conclusion that I was the best person in the entire world for this particular job, raising these particular children. It's a thought that sustains me constantly!

So, Happy Valentine's day to you! I hope you have the chance to celebrate with the ones you love and the ones who teach you to love! 


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