A day in London

I always get a bit giddy with excitement when the oppertunity to visit London arises. I am reminded of the countless times my sister and I would get a coach up from Devon to visit our cousins in the big city when we were young teens. That very same sense of adventure still remains with me now whenever I get to explore the concrete jungle and take in some of the most famous landmarks in the world.

Last week, Eddy and I  were invited down to a Mothercare event in London and we decided to make a full day of it as we only had Joshua with us- (I can't even explain how easy the idea of travelling with just one baby has become, now that we have three boys!) It was plain sailing all the way!

The event itself was just beautiful and from the delicious canapes laid on to the opportunity to network with some of the biggest names in the baby industry, I was SO impressed with the way everything unfolded. 
I have to say, I'm not the most confident person and I definitely felt like a really small fish in a BIG old pond when I stepped inside the event premises. Yet, it was only a minute or so before we were greeted and excitedly introduced to some really interesting PR reps and brands that were as welcoming as ever.

Meeting new people isn't something I'm particularly a 'natural' at. I've often shied away from public events just because of a sure lack of self-confidence. But I was so glad we said yes and went along to this one because it really opened my eyes to the importance of having authentic and REAL relationships with the people you collaborate with or work with on a professional level. After all, there's something much nicer about meeting a person in the flesh than just exchanging emails over the web (which can be the case so often with blogging!)
I suppose one of the loveliest aspects of the event was how I came away feeling that my little old blog was relevant and wanted. And whilst that's not the be all and end all, it's nice to be reminded that people enjoy it.

The day came to a natural end mid-afternoon and so we pottered on our way with Joshua and spent the rest of our time exploring the streets, visiting museums, photographing beautiful sights and enjoying the general buzz and vibrancy of a city that really doesn't seem to sleep.

After meeting my brother for dinner and enjoying a good old catch up, we finally boarded our train home in the late evening and said farewell to the Capital, until next time! 
I always leave London wishing we had longer to do more and see more, but in the end that's a good thing, right? To leave already anticipating your return!

How would you spend a day in London?



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