Cherished trinkets

I’ve been meaning to do a little round up of some of my current favourite trinkets for a while now. It's one of those blog topics I always think about writing but never seem to actually get around to posting  about because something else always seems to take precedence. 

However, it's never too late, right!?

I really wanted to focus on the lovely little things around me that have been cherished over time and are in no way, fleeting fancies! Whilst some of these items are from the contents of my dressing table 'treasure box', they all have specific sentimentality for me and are items I know I will keep with me forever.

I've always had this vivid memory of my mother wearing Guerlain's Mitsouko perfume when we were growing up. To my memory, she never deviated from this particular fragrance and whether she was going out to Sunday evening Mass, or popping to the high street to do the weekly shop, I still have such a clear recollection of this perfume whenever I kissed her goodbye or waved her off. 

When I turned 20 my parents gifted me a bottle and I have totally made a treasure of this. As you can see, as the years have passed I have hardly used it...partly because a little goes such a LONG way but also because I don't want it to run out. If I could bottle my mother's fragrance, this would literally be it! Whenever I felt homesick at Uni or at any other point, I would always dab a bit of this on my wrists to breathe in the familiar scent of home and my mum. 

Isn't our sense of smell incredible for the way it can transport us back in time, helping us recall events, memories and moments in time? Mitsouko does exactly that for me and I love it!

Turquoise stone studs. These might not be to everyone's taste but these were amongst the first  'proper' pairs of earrings I ever bought myself and I loved them so much that when I accidentally lost one, I repurchased another set.

 I bought these in my late teens down in Devon and have held onto them tightly for the sweet reminder of the time in my life they represent. It was such a happy time, getting to know Eddy, applying to university and spending a LOT of hours hiking up and down the coastline. As we have moved around over the years I have held onto these for the gentle reminder they are of life as it was when we were younger.

When I turned 21 I received a truly beautiful heirloom piece of jewellery that, honestly, doesn't see nearly enough of daylight as it deserves! (I'm too terrified of losing it!) It really is a beautiful tennis bracelet and when the sunlight catches on the diamonds, the prism of colour is so fiery and amazing. 
Aside from my wedding rings, this is probably the most significant other pieces of jewellery I own because it belonged to my mother for years and is such a strong reminder to me of her warmth and love.
 If we ever have a little girl one day, I know I would want to pass it on to her when the time comes and for it to remain in the family.

Finally, the hair slide that I wore for my wedding has been getting a bit more attention recently. It wasn't an expensive piece at all but it is hugely valuable to me personally for the memories it holds. I'm enjoying having this out on my dressing table a bit more lately instead of it being tucked away in a dark jewellery box. This way I can be constantly reminded and uplifted by those cherished memories of one of the happiest days of my life!

Looking through all these pieces, I can't help but think it is amazing how we can be so visually affected. I know as individual pieces, these are all pretty generic items which may even look similar to the contents of your dressing table too, but they hold so much more value to me than what the eye merely sees. That's the beauty about sentimentality, isn't it?

What are your most cherished dressing table trinkets? 



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