Frilly over frumpy

The more I throw myself into parenting, the more I see how little staying on top of trends and fashion really matters. My children never seem to notice the difference between how I might look slouching around the house in pyjamas compared with how I look dressed up to go on a date with daddy. Regardless of how I look I am still 'the best mummy in the world' according to them and they love me without a thought of how dishevelled I think I might look. Something about that sweet innocence has definitely brought me peace and a certain clarity these past few years, especially in learning to be kind to myself.

However, as a young mummy in my mid-twenties, I know that a small part of my personal confidence comes with feeling good about how I look. It's never about pleasing other people, or trying to be the most stylish/fashion conscious person out there. It's simply a knowledge that a crisp, clean and unsoiled new shirt can do wonders to make a tired, sleep deprived mama feel beautiful for a moment. 

I've never really been all that confident about my appearance and, probably like every other woman on the planet, I definitely have some 'pet peeves' about my body that I'm working on. But for me, style and fashion have always been something I have enjoyed exploring to represent myself, to even remind myself of my femininity at times.


It's a horrible word, isn't it? What makes us feel frumpy and why are we so harsh on ourselves? Bottom line, it always comes down to your own personal perceptions, doesn't it? I've met women in my life who have told me they felt frumpy when I've quietly thought to myself 'gosh, isn't she gorgeous?!'
I think it's as much a state of mind as it is a physical fact...just look at runway style these days!

I recently bought this simple frilly shirt from New Look and although not my normal shape, (it's quite boxy) I feel SO ladylike in it. Something about the Victoriana modest high neck and the complementary ruffles around the neck and collarbone really make this shirt feel a bit more than what it is.

Recently I have been feeling 100% frumpy. I have felt as though sleepless nights are etched all over my face, my posture, my scattiness (which seems worse than ever!) It's funny the difference one simple new piece of clothing can make in helping you to stand a little taller.

I'm slowly getting back on the wagon and I'm thankful that a small (sale item) purchase has opened my eyes to achieving frilly not frumpy!



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