Hand- me- down dungarees!

One of the lovely (and very practical) things about having three boys is the ease with which they can share their clothes amongst oneanother. Jonah's recent birthday prompted me to rifle through Noah's boxes of old things to grab out bits that would now be suitable for our next 2 year old. When my eyes fell upon this set of dungareers, I instantly remembered the days when Noah would potter about in them and it jogged my memory to relive all the adventures and fun this pair of dungarees had seen. 

Being able to fold them into Jonah's chest of drawers for the first time felt so satisfying and I know I've said it before but being able to reuse clothing between the boys is always such a lovely way to really get your money's worth! This pair were from Next and true to form, they have stood the test of time well. They look pretty new still but trust me, they aren't. They've seen mud, food, paints...more food- but they are intact and just by looking at them you would hardly know they had been worn so much in the past.

I'm loving seeing Jonah wearing some of Noah's old things, it musters up a lot of sentimentality for me and really pulls at my heart strings when I see how much my boys are growing.

*I'm well aware the boys might not share my love for hand-me-downs in a few years time so I'm just enjoying all the lovely little repeated outfits now, while I don't have to defend myself for it! :p



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